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Cardboard Tube Projects

In this part of the tutorial I show you a few different ways to assemble tubes so you can make things.




A bent tube

One neat trick you can use when using tubes to make things is that to form angles of any shape you can just cut a wedge shape in the tube and bend it over. This is one complete tube.


To assemble two or more tubes together

One way to assemble tubes together is cut cut a slit in one tube (dotted line shows the slit). Apply glue to that tube then insert it tightly into the second tube.


Another Method (Stronger)

Cut a four inch length of tube then cut it down it's length.


Apply glue to one half of it and insert it into the first tube.


Next apply glue over the second half of that insert and slide your second tube over it.


Then slide them together tight. This forms a nice strong bond between the two tubes.


Continue Next we make some projects with them


Hot glue gun

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