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Make Sauron's Mace from Lord of the Rings - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the mace.

Part 1 (The beginning) of this tutorial, along with video and template is here.



add the braid detail

Now it's time to add some detail. All these details are optional, so if you're satisfied with the handle you can skip the next few steps. Use some cord whichever you choose to use and braid it up and wrap it around the handle about 1 inch from the guard. Glue it in place.


Tape the end

Tape the other end as shown here.


add the pommel

Time for the pomel. For these we used a ping pong ball but if you don't have one you can always crumple up some newspaper into a ball and tape it up really well and tape that to the end of the mace.


add details

For some more detail you can take your cord twist and and wrap it around as shown.


tape the point into shape

Cut up the circle and 6 pieces of the triangle. Glue the triangles to the circle and fold them up so that it kind of look like a jester's hat.


tape the point on the handle

Tape all the triangle pieces together so that it make an almost cone like shape. Glue it the end opposite the handle.


Cut out the blades

Now for the blades. Cut out the blade design from the template. Trace this 6 times onto foam board and cut them out.


Glue the blades on

Glue around the end of the mace evenly spaced.


Paint it

Lastly, paint the mace. For this one we started by using a little bit of black spray paint followed by a good coat of silver. Use alot more silver, but don't completely cover the black as the black will give it a little more detailed of a look.


It's complete

Now you done with making Sauron's Mace!

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