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Make Shoot Smaug the Game! Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish the project.

part 1 of this tutorial is here



Assembly detail

Now glue together the dragon stand.

Part 1 has the treasure chest drawing glued to it.


It is glued

Here is what it looks like. I haven't yet glued part A and the treasure chest to it.


Cut on dashed line

Now cut on the dashed line of the big piece. Discard the blank section.


GLue the gold pile on

And glue the gold pile to your base.


The dragon is glued on

Finish assembling and gluing together the dragon stand by gluing on the treasure chest and the dragon.


Notice the stand

And notice the points on the dragon stand. These are the pivot and the sit in the channel at the top of the base. This allows it to pivot when you hit it with a projectile.


The arkenstone

Glue the arkenstone drawings to the foam circles then glue them together.


add the arkenstone

Now you are ready to play! You can place the arkenstone in the treasure chest.


The competed project

Now when you hit smaug the dragon stand pivots and releases the arkenstone.




NextHere I have a quick overview of how to put together the other Shoot Smaug Game











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