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Shoot Smaug the Game - Version 2


This is the more challenging version of the game "Shoot Smaug". In this version Smaug is on a pendulum that swings back and forth. SO it is much more difficult. But hey! Whoever said that shooting a dragon would be easy?


The template for this version of the game is here



The swing arm

It is on a big stand and it works like a pendulum. You can get it swinging then you can shoot at smaug. When you hit Smaug he will fall back.
















One critical thing about getting this game to work right is to tape a couple of coins to the bottom part of the pendulum. Experiment by adding and taking away coins until the pendulum swings back and forth nicely and smoothly. The black arrow in this picture shows where to tape the coins.

Detail of the swinging motion


Print up the template. All the instructions for putting it together are in the template.

The assembly instructions






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