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Eyeball Project - The Popped Eye


A pair of Glasses, an eyeball and some paint and glue are all you need to make this project that isn't too creepy.

I have more eyeball projects including a youtube video right here




Overhead view

In this project we use both halves of the ping pong ball eyeball.

It adds a little something extra to the project.


Cut eyeball in half

Cut the eyeball in half and keep both halves.


glue the eyeball on

Glue the eyeball to the front of the glasses.


Scratch the glasses

Scratch the glasses with a sharp knife in a shattered pattern to make it look like the eye popped right through it.


Glue other half on

Glue the other half of the eyeball to the inside of the glasses.


Add dripping hot glue

Now add hot glue both to the front half and the back half in a way that makes it flow and drip like this.


Paint the glue red

Paint those drips red and you are done!



Eye in the hand

Eye in the Hand

How to make eyeballs

How to Make eyeballs

Hanging eyeball

Hanging Popped Eye

Scissors in eye

Running with Scissors

Arrow in eye

Arrow through the Eye



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