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Make the Tell-Tale heart part 2


In this part of the tutorial we begin to build the tell-tale heart project. Part 1, with the video, is right here.



SHape with newspaper

Loosely roll up and bunch up newspaper to make a heart shape a little larger than your fist. Hold it together and shape it with masking tape.


Cover with masking tape

Add the Vena Cava and the Aorta to it (the two large tubes at the top. And be sure to cover the whole heart with masking tape.


Add details with hot glue

Use a hot glue gun to add veins to the heart.


Looks good

Glue that heart to some kind of a base so we can work on it and paint it. We are using two toilet paper tubes. This is just a temporary thing.


Cover with liquid latex

Coat all of the heart with a thick layer of the latex rubber. Let that coat dry for about half an hour. Repeat this process until you have four coats done. Finally it will take much longer to fully dry. Typically about 24 hours.


Let the latex dry

This is what it looks like once it has dried. The white color of the latex turns a yellow. See how there are still some white areas? Those areas still need a bit more time.


REmove the newspaper

Once it has totally dried cut a circular hole in the bottom of the heart and remove all the newspaper from the heart.


Add the rope hoops

Now in order for the heart to beat we need to put a couple of rope hoops in there. We tie the hoops and glue them into the inside of the heart a couple of inches apart.


Use lots of glue

Use plenty of glue


The hoops are in place

The hoops are in place. You will put your index and middle fingers each in a hoop.


Glue in stuffing or cotton

Optionally you can glue in a bunch of cotton or pillow stuffing. This will help the heart to bounce back when you pull on the rings. Be sure to leave the rings exposed so you can get your fingers in them.


Glue to tube

Cut a tube five inches tall. Or cut cardboard and roll it into a tube. And glue this to the bottom of the heart, covering the hole.


Paint it

Paint the heart red and the hot glue veins blue. And if you have some kind of a sealant then seal it. The sealant will give it a great shiny, bloody, look. That's it. The heart is done.

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