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The Tell Tale Heart


Ok! This is the Grand Finale of Halloween Week!

And this is a creative and unique project. It is called the Tell-Tale heart and it is a box with a heart inside. But the heart beats! Ahh! How does it do that? With electronics or a motor or something? Nope! You operate it with your hand. But, we set it up so people can't see your hand operating it. There is a false hand on it.

I have a youtube video on this project at the bottom of the page.




The Tell Tale Heart




Will and the Tell Tale heart

The Tell-Tale heart is a bit of a trick. You are carrying a box with a hinged lid on it.

Notice the gloved hand holding the box. It is not actually your hand. That is a fake glove. Your hand is inside the box.








The Heart

And when you or somebody else opens the box they see inside a heart that actually beats. Wow!

Your hand is inside that heart and operates the beating.









How it works

See? Your hand is inside the box and your sleeve is pinned to the glove. They see the glove and think it is your hand.









Covering the heart with latex

To make the heart we use latex rubber mold making material. The brand we use is called mold builder. We do this so the heart is rubber and it can beat. You can use white glue for this but it will crack with repeated use.








WillOkay! Will says enough with the introductory materials. Let's make this project


You can watch the video here:





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