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ree Hands-on Tutorials and Projects. "Creativity for your hands"

Make a Rolling Paper Theatre

Here's a fun and interesting project that has a tale to tell. It's the rolling paper theatre of whimsy and it can bring heroic stories to life. With a few simple materials you can make your own and tell your own tale. The rolling Paper Theatre of Whimsy


Make a diorama inside an egg

All you need is an egg and a few little details and you can make an interesting little project by building a scene inside the egg. The most challenging part is cutting the egg. I show you how: Make a diorama inside an egg.




Make the Elder Scrolls Online Axe!

Yes, The game isn't released yet but they are leaking stuff. I got the design for this axe from the various trailers ESO has released. Fun and easy project to make. Make the ESO War Axe

Make a Magneto Helmet

Fun and easy paper mache project. I have the packet you can download, print and make. How to make a Magneto Helmet



Will brings his next product to market.

Catapult Kit - The Goblin (Will's Catapult kit)

StormTheCastle.com has it's very own goblin catapult for sale on amazon.com You can check it out by rolling over the text or clicking to go to the amazon site.


Make a Game of Thrones Diorama

If you are a Game of Thrones fan you might want to check this project out too. It is a diorama of Castle Black and the Wall. And it has a working Elevator that goes up the wall. I have a video tutorial for this project too. Make a Game of Thrones Diorama




Wall Diorama Update: Lizard Temple

The latest installment of my Wall Diorama project. The Lizard Temple complete with lights. See the Wall Diorama main page here. Next will be the Dragons Lair and Crystal Cave.



Minas Tirith Paper Castle!

This is a fun paper project that will take you a couple of hours. I have a complete download that you print up and make. It is a castle from The Lord of the Rings. Minas Tirith Paper Castle





Caernarvon Castle Paper Diorama

I bought a paper castle project, put it together, and added some scenery. A whole lot of fun for ten dollars worth of stuff. Inluded with this tutorial is a video and a stop motion animation.

Paper Castle Diorama Project

Make a HALO Energy Sword

This sword really glows and it is made out of two pieces of clear plastic. Easy and fun project: Make a HALO energy sword

Halloween Projects!

I have a whole bunch of halloween projects you can make including of course lots of weapons and armor, gravestone, cauldron and more: Halloween Projects



Stop Motion Animation "Dragonslayer 7 Journey"

You can watch my latest stop motion animation and I have information on how to make one including how I made the movie set, storyboard, music and more. Dragonslayer 7 Journey



Tatebanko Halloween

This is an easy and fun to make tatebanko project of a cemetary. Nice halloween project. It is a pdf that you can download print up and put together. And you can add your own halloween stuff to it like skeletons, ghosts etc. The Halloween Tatebanko

Death Scythe from Dantes Inferno

Dante's Inferno is a video game coming out soon. The death scythe is the weapon that Dante takes from death and uses it in the game. This is a foam version that I made with a pipe core. It is about eight feet in length. .Dante's Inferno Death Scythe

Paper Game: Wizard's Quest

Downloadable Paper game. You are a wizard and you must choose from three magical paths and then defeat the dreaded Gegenhound in battle. Everything you need including a paper dice. Wizard's Quest Paper Game

Miniature Treasure ChestSculpt a Miniature Treasure Chest

A treasure chest is a great first project to learn how to sculpt miniatures because it is very easy. You can get a good feel for the modelling putty. In this tutorial I sculpt three different chests and show you some techniques. I also use these chests as part of a Casting Miniatures tutorial. How to Sculpt a Miniature Treasure Chest



Make a Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Fun little project we call the poor man's christmas tree! You can improvise all kinds of fun stuff for this tree including miniature presents. How to make a Pine Cone Christmas Tree





Butterfly DioramaMake a Bio-Diorama. This is a living diorama with caterpillars and butterflies.

It is an interesting idea where part of the diorama is alive! In the case of this one our adventurer is lost in a cave and stumbles upon some enormous cocoons. They are real butterfly cocoons. The Bio Diorama Project


Make a 1,000 Origami cranes

I show you how to make an origami crane and I tell you about the ancient legend of making 1,000 of them. I also have a page where you can check on my progress toward making 1,000. Make an Origami Crane


Make a miniature ladderMake a Miniature ladder for a diorama

Make a Miniature Ladder: This is an easy tutorial on how to make an old fashioned wooden ladder. The kind an adventurer might run across in a dungeon. All it takes is a little balsa wood and string. How to make a miniature ladder




Make the Sword of a Thousand Truths

This is a fun sword that comes from Warcraft and an episode of South Park. I have template you can download and make out of cardboard or foamboard. Make the Sword of a Thousand Truths


Make a Glowing Sword -Sting from Lord of the Rings

Fun little project that uses a glowstick and a couple of pieces of lexan plastic. It really glows. Make the Glowing Sting Sword



Sculpting miniature barrels and crates for the medieval village diorama

I show you the complete process to make lots of miniature objects including how to sculpt, how to make rubber molds and how to cast them. Sculpting/casting barrels and crates


The DragonSlayer 3DragonSlayer 3

It is the Dragonslayer 3. This one is a serious upgrade to 1 and 2 and maybe I will be able to penetrate the Dragon's Armor with this one! Watch a video of this here. The DragonSlayer 3


Make a Medieval Stone Tower

This building is larger but the basic structure is made the same as the peasants house. Where this one differs is in the stone work and in the shingled roof. I show you how to make a rubber mold and cast the stone work and how to make the shingled roof out of balsa wood. How to make a medieval tower


Make a Micro Terrarium

These tiny terrariums have become very popular over the past few years. They are small, easy to care for and easy to make. I have a complete tutorial that uses the smallest flowers in the world. How to make a Micro Terrarium



300 Spartan GreavesMake 300 Spartan Greaves(leg-guards)

A tutorial on how to make paper mache and cardboard greaves that fit well and look good. Just like the ones in the movie 300. Make 300 Spartan Greaves




How to make an XBoxHow to make an Xbox as a Christmas Present

This tutorial shows you the Xbox I made for my son for Christmas. And I show you how to make one yourself - cheaply. How to Make an Xbox



Paper Mache DioramaHow to make a paper mache diorama

Don't have the materials for a diorama? You can make one out of paper mache which is just flour and water. I show you how in this tutorial where I make a scene from the Lord of the Rings Castle Helms Deep. How to make a paper mache diorama



Spartan VambracesMake 300 Spartan Vambraces (armguards)

A tutorial on how to make paper mache and cardboard vambraces that fit well and look good. Just like the ones in the movie 300. Make 300 Spartan Vambraces



WillClick Here to view my most popular (top ten) projects


My Newest Projects:

Make a Dragon Skin Mug

Want to drink your mead out of something very medieval? How about making your mug out of dragon skin? Well, it's not real dragon skin but it looks like it! Make a Dragon Skin Mug


Medieval Port Paper Castle

Just a booklet you can buy and put together. I bought it and did it. Fun and different than your average paper castle. If you want to take a peek it is here: The Medieval Port


Storm The Castle Diorama

This is a big diorama of a castle siege Seven feet in length. I currently have two parts to it. You can see where it is currently in progress and watch videos of it too. StormThe Castle Diorama


Skyrim Dawnbreaker

This is a tutorial on how to make the Dawnbreaker sword from Skyrim. I also add a light. And I have the template you can download. Make Dawnbreaker from Skyrim


SIEGE! The Game

This is a fun and easy two player game that takes strategy and a little bit of good guessing. Siege: The Paper Game


Pepper's Ghost Box diorama

Here's a fun project that fuses science with diorama's. In this tutorial we utilize something called Pepper's Ghost Illusion originally created by John Henry Pepper. This illusi on which was used in theater, projects a translucent version of a person or object several feet from a glass pane. Pepper's Ghost Box


Make a Leather Rogue Vest
Fun project and it takes some leather working skill. We also mounted the dagger from the previous project right on the vest. Make a leather rogue vest





Make a Christmas Terrarium
Adorable little terrarium. There is a little house in there and through the window you can see a christmas tree. Fun and great little terrarium. Make a Christmas Terrarium




How to make a Dagger

How to make a dagger . It is very similar to making a knife. But there are a couple of differences. A dagger is edged on both sides and made for sticking not slicing! Make a Dagger Nice little blacksmithing project.


The "Brave" Terrarium
This cloche terrarium depicts a scene from the movie "Brave". Fun little terrarium and it even has a series of blue lights that are the wisps. The Brave Terrarium





Make Corvo's Blade from Dishonored

This a fun little project that is very easy to do. I give you the template to download and print up. Then you need just one sheet of foamboard or cardboard. Make Corvos Blade

Adventure Time Tatebanko

Here's a tatebanko that's exciting and full of adventure. Based upon the television show adventure time we have made a tatebanko that is fun and exciting to create. This is a great project for the whole family. Adventure Time Tatebanko


Make a Leather Knife Sheath

I showed you how to blacksmith up this knife. Now I show you how to make the leather sheath for it. How to make a Leather Knife Sheath


Make a Spiderman Web Shooter that Really Works - This is a fun rubber band powered project that is easy to make. It shoots a web.
Make the Spider man web shooter




How to Make
Foam Nunchaku

nunchaku are spinning ninja weapons. I show you how to make a nice pair of them using pipe foam and a broomstick. These are great for practice. How to make foam nunchaku


The Medieval Village Diorama

The diorama is getting close to completion. Water, control panel for lights and the terrain textures. Check out the whole project here: The medieval village diorama.


How to make Dungeon Terrain Tile

This is some spectacular terrain that looks great. And it is just styrofoam and two colors of paint. I show you how to make terrific terrain tiles like this for dioramas or tabletop gaming. How to make dungeon tiles


Hnefatafl - the ancient Viking Board game

This game is also called "The Kings Table". I show you how to make this ancient viking board game and I show you how to play it. Full tutorial with an included video: How to make and Play Hnefatafl


Medieval Paint How to Make Medieval Paint

You use egg yolk to make something called egg tempera. Its how DaVinci did it! How to Make Medieval Egg Tempera Paint



Make a foamboard Butterfly Knife

This is a fun project and the butterfly or balisong knife is a neat little contraption. How to make a butterfly knife out of cardboard or foamboard.


Make miniature fruits and vegetables along with a a fruit stand and cart!

This is a fun little tutorial that shows you how to improvise a whole bunch of good looking fruits and vegetables using stuff found around the house. This is part of the medieval village diorama. Make Miniature fruits and vegetables


DragonSlayer 7 Skyrim Animation

The latest installment of the dragonslayer series.
You can watch the animation and learn about
special effects like smoke and a destroying wall.
Dragonslayer 7 Skyrim


Make a Rubber Band Gun

All you need is a sheet of foamboard. I figured out the engineering of this and it works really well. Fires great too. How to make a rubber band gun.


Make the Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult

This is an interesti ng little project that is based on the designs by DaVinci. All you need is an embroidery hoop as the source of kinetic energy to fire the catapult. Make the DaVinci Catapult




How to Make a Chainmail Coif


(Headpiece) - Not a difficult project once you know how to make the chainmail loops. I show you the process to make a fitting coif step by step: How to make a ChainMail Coif



Make the Iron Man Helmet

This is a nice paper mache project that comes out great. Not a lot of supplies are needed and I have the template you can download and print out. Make the Iron Man Helmet




Make a Telescope

This is a tutorial on how to make a Newtonian Reflector Telescope. This is the type of telescope that Sir Isaac Newton Invented! Fun project. 4 inch mirror inside. How to Make a Newtonian Reflector telescope


Make a Dragon Priest Mask from Skyrim

This is an easy paper mache project and I have a template that you can download and print out. You can use this technique to make all kinds of fun masks. Make the Dragon Priest Mask Volsung from Skyrim



Make a snowglobe with a little bit of Pizazz!

I shows you how to make a snowglobe and what liquid/materials to use. And it doesn't have to be a rustic scene or a snowman. It can have a little bit of zing to it! How to make a snow globe


Magic Illusion diorama

A fun and easy diorama project that fools the eye with a false perspective. Create any scene you want. I created a sword in the stone project. Peek into the peephole and see the scene. Make the Magic Illusion Diorama


Blacksmith a tool for sword making

It's called a "fullering tool" and its the tool that puts the groove in swords and knives. I make one. I also have lots of blacksmithing stuff including the making of a complete sword and complete knives. Make a Fullering Tool for sword making


Light-up Origami

Fun little project that just needs a few parts like an LED. And Voila you have some spectacular origami. How to make Light-up Origami



Make the Captain America Shield

Lot of fun and it looks great. I give you options on what to use for the shield and show you some tricks to get the painted rings and star looking great. Make the Captain America shield



Dragonslayer Temple Animation

Watch my latest stop motion animation in the saga of the dragonslayer. In this episode our dragonslayer battles the dragon. I also have lots of great stuff on how to make sets like this.
The DragonSlayer 7 Temple Stop Motion Animation


Make the Yngol Helmet from Skyrim

Nice helmet with crazy horns. I show you how to make it with paper mache and cereal boxes. Make the Yngol Helmet





Make the Assassin's Creed Altair Dagger

This is a very easy project to make and you can do it in 2-3 hours. Great way to start making projects. Make the Altair Dagger



Make the Assassin's Creed Altair Sword

Easy project that looks great. Just need some foam and a single piece of foamboar. I have the template you can print up and make. Make the Altair sword from Assassin's Creed



Make the Assassin's Creed Chest piece

A fun and easy tutorial that uses vinyl as the leather. But you can also use duct tape and paint it. This is part of a series of the assassins creed weapons and armor series: Make the Assassin's Creed Leather Chest Piece


Make a Medieval Stained Glass Window

Its not a real stained glass window. I use a sheet of plastic and glue sticks but it comes out great. This is a back lit project for the Dragon's Temple. I show you how to do this step by step. Make a Stained Glass Window


Make a Daedric Dagger

This is a fun Skyrim project and it will only take an hour to make. I have template you can download and make out of cardboard or foamboard. Make Daedric Dagger


2 Terrarium projects, great for spring

I don't have full web tutorials for these, I have videos showing how to make them. They are wonderful projects. I even show you how to make the box for the terrarium.

  The Box Terrarium - The Bottle Terrarium


Make the Skyrim Iron Helmet

Nice tutorial on how to make the Iron helmet out of cereal box cardboard and paper mache. Good looking helmet and strong. How to make the Skyrim Iron Helmet


Make a Daedric Sword from Skyrim

Fun and easy project. All you need is a single sheet of foamboard. I have the template you just download and print out. How to make the Daedric Sword


sword handleForging a Sword Part 5: The Handle

The series of tutorials on how to forge a sword is moving right along. Almost done. The latest update is on how to make the handle of the sword. The whole tutorial starts here: How to forge a sword.


Dragonslayer 7 Stop Motion Animation

Watch the animation as the Dragonslayer arrives at the dragon's castle and also see pics about how an animation is made DragonSlayer 7 Castle



Make the Zelda Hylian Shield

The zelda sword was a big success so I figured I would do the shield too. Pretty easy project, just need a couple of sheets of cardboard and some paint. Make the Zelda Hylian Shield




How to make a Marionette

It doesn't take a whole lot of materials to make a nice little marionette. You just need a little creativity. The sky is the limit!

How to Make a Marionette





Make a Paper Mache Animal Pinata

This is a neat tutorial where I show you how to make just about any kind of animal pinata. I also take this to a new level and make the pinata so it talks when it gets hit! That's an optional thing and you can see the tutorial here: How to make an animal pinata out of paper mache


HOw to forge a swordHow to forge a Sword It takes some effort and work but you can make a real sword with a piece of steel. This is part one of my series and it includes a video on how to forge a sword






I have a newsletter that you can sign up for. In it I give you lots of tips, tricks and hobby projects in a variety of different areas. I also will keep you updated on projects that I am making. Totally free and one click subscribe and unsubscribe. In upcoming newsletters I will be covering themes like Rubber Band Projects, Rube Goldbergs, and Making things with Paper. Going to be a lot of fun.


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Will's Crazy picks of toys for grownup boys

Doing my holiday shopping and putting together my wishlist and finding some crazy fun stuff on amazon.com See my list here


My New Telescope website "The Telescope Nerd"

I have been passionate about telescopes for a very long time. If you like astronomy or want to learn more about astronomy and telescopes then check out my new website: The Telescope Nerd.

My Fantasy website

This website is all about fantasy and epic fantasy books. Lots of great stuff to help you enjoy fantasy books and lots of guides on series, authors, writing, books for children and more. The fantasy Guide


Things to think about and explore. "Creativity for your mind"

Telescopes and Astronomy

Ever thought about getting a telescope? This is a wonderful and rewarding hobby. Go to the Storm the Castle guide to Telescopes and astronomy.


Terrarium Projects

How to Make a Terrarium. This section has tutorials and instruction on making several different types of terrariums- complete with lots of pictures. Terrarium building home page

How to Make a Diorama

Dioramas are a great way to express creativity. You work through manys stages of the creative process. You conceptualize then design a scene then you work with the materials to make it a reality.-great tutorial that shows you how to make a diorama from start to finish. It walks you through all the steps and techniques.

Classical Guitar
Learn How to Play
How to Play Classical GuitarIf you never played and want to learn I have a whole section that will get you going including which books to get, selecting a guitar, how to tune your guitar, how to string it and some introductory lessons.
Learn How to Play Classical guitar

Fantasy Art School
Learn how to draw fantasy creatures, knights, armor and all sorts of fantasy and medieval things. I have just begun this series of art lessons and will be adding lessons daily but you can check out what I have - Fantasy Art Lessons

How to make video games
Are you looking for a way to express your creativity? Making video games is a great way to do it! Wouldn't it be great to make your very own video game? It could be anything you want. The only limit is your imagination and you don't need to know how to program. There is plenty of software available that will do that work for you. You can make your own video games! In the video game design section you can find lots of materials on designing, creating, and playing your own video games.

You can also look through lots of books and find the one right for you.How to make video games

The Table-Top Troll Catapult Build this miniature catapult from materials found around the house. It's an easy project and the catapult really fires projectiles! Catapult Project

Build This Trebuchet called "The Little Dragon". Complete instructions with pictures. Made from materials found around the house and hurls a small object 30 feet. Build The Little Dragon Trebuchet



Make a Model Rocket
I make the Estes Alpha rocket. Cost less than ten dollars and is a fun way to start into the hobby of model rocketry. See the complete tutorial here: Make the Estes Alpha Model rocket


Make a Spartan Spear like the movie 300
This is a fast and easy project that just takes a little bit of cardboard and a broomstick. Make the Spartan Spear

Ocean Diorama

This is a unique little ocean diorama shaped like the porthole of a submarine and made out of a cookie tin. I have full instructions and artwork for you to print and make. Easy and fun project. A new take on the ocean diorama. Imagine looking out the porthole of your submarine and discovering Atlantis! Now you can. Ocean Diorama


The DragonSlayer Shoulder Fired Rocket Launcher! I don't have a tutorial on how to make this but I do have a couple of videos where I show you this project and how I launch it off! The DragonSlayer

How to Make a Box Kite

A Boxkite is a unique kind of kite that is easy and fun to make and really flies - Even though it doesnt look like it can fly - BoxKite Tutorial

A Terrarium for Kids
Some guidelines and tips for great terrariums that kids can make. Includes a learning sheet that explains how a miniature ecosystem works.
A Terrarium for Kids


Traditional KiteHow to Make a Traditonal Kite

This is an easy kite to make. Just two sticks, some plastic and tape and you are ready to fly it - Make a Regular Kite




How to Make a Dragon Pinata

All it takes is a balloon, some paper mache and a little creativity and you have a great themed pinata. Add a sword and your party is transformed! How to Make a Dragon Pinata

How to Make a ...

Scrounging around on the internet looking for some new and fun projects I realized that there are a lot of potential projects out there! Lots of people are looking for how to make something. So I have started a section of my site called the How to Make a... section. I take the most popular requests for how to make and I do them. There are easy projects and more challenging projects. If you are looking for a new project to do you might want to check it out here: How to Make a...

Four Cardboard Swords for Halloween
Wnat to make a safe cardboard sword or scythe for Halloween? I have a tutorial that shows you how. I make the Buster Cloud sword, a reaper scythe, a pirate cutlass and a traditional knight't sword. Easy to make and look great. Make a cardboard Sword


Make a Cardboard Shield Make a Cardboard Shield for Halloween or just for fun
I have some nice tips and a tutorial on how to make a good looking cardboard shield. Make a cardboard Shield





Make a cardboard Katana

How to Make a Cardboard Katana:
This tutorial shows you how to make a great looking katana out of cardboard. And it is super strong because we adapt the secret techniques of the Japanese sword masters to the art of cardboard. How to Make a Cardboard Katana

Make a Go Kart How to Make a Go Kart:
This is a tutorial on how to make a solid and fast go cart. Easy and cheap to make in a few hours. Also includes brakes. I call this Go Kart The Wyvern because it is thin, sleek, and fast. How to Make a Go Kart

Make a Spartan Chestplate

This is a complete tutorial that shows you how to make a cardboard and paper mache spartan chestpiece. it comes out great looking and is not too hard to do. Make a spartan chestpiece



Make a Ship in a bottle This is an overview tutorial showing you some of the important tips and tricks for making a ship in a bottle. Fun project- Make a ship in a bottle



Spartan Sword

Make a Spartan 300 Warrior Sword out of cardboard This is a tutorial with video that shows you how to make a nice looking Spartan sword out of cardboard. It is very strong and easy to make. Should take you less than 2 hours depending on the glue drying time. How to Make a Spartan Sword

World War 2 Diorama

How to make a WW2 Diorama

This is an in depth tutorial with videos on how to make a WW2 diorama. I use 1/72 Scale How to Make a WW2 Diorama



A Spartan Helmet Make a Spartan Helmet
Make this helmet out of paper mache and cardboard. Complete instructions and video, along with a download of the template The Spartan Helmet






Make a Mangonel How to Make a Torsion powered catapult called a Mangonel:
This type of catapult uses twisted string or rope as a source of power and it is more accurate to the real catapults of Medieval times. Its an easy project and this little Mangonel reallly fires! How to make a Mangonel


How to make a terrarium waterfall from scratch I show you how to make a small waterfall that you can put in your terrarium. This is a complete tutorial that even includes a how to video How to make a terrarium waterfall

Make a 1,000 Origami cranes I show you how to make an origami crane and I tell you about the ancient legend of making 1,000 of them. I also have a page where you can check on my progress toward making 1,000. Make an Origami Crane


Spartan ShieldMake a Spartan Shield

This is a great looking shield that is creative and easy to make. It looks just like the shields in the movie 300. Complete tutorial with video. How to make a Spartan Shield I also have lots of other Spartan Projects including helmet, spear greaves and arm guards.



Make a telescope

How to make a small and easy telescope
This is a complete tutorial on how to make a small telescope using lenses. I show you everything you need to know. Make a small refractor telescope


Bonsai from SeedRaising Bonsai from Seeds For me it's the purest form of growing and caring for bonsai trees. To grow them from the absolute beginning - seeds. Tips, information, videos and more on how to do this. Raise Bonsai from seeds




Origami Gift BoxesMake an Origami Gift Box

Nice beginner project on how to make a Japanese Origami Gift box. All you need is eight squares of paper. I have a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to make these great looking gift boxes. How to make an Origami Gift Box


Waterfall in a dioramaMake a waterfall for a diorama

Not a real waterfall but sure looks real. Easy to make and comes out terrific. I also have a tutorial on how to do water effects like ripples and waves and a tutorial on how to make this complete diorama called "The Secret Grotto" Make a waterfall for a diorama


Dagger of Time

Make a Dagger of Time

This is from the Prince of Persia movie and video game. I show you how to make it out of balsa wood and even show you how to make the clear plastic handle if you want to make that too. Nice project, looks great. Make a Dagger of Time


Simple Origami Bird

Simple Origami Bird

This is a simple bird fold. It is a crow and a nice place to start if you have never done origami before. All you need is a square of paper. And it stands up which makes it rather unique. Simple Origami Bird


A Khopesh SwordAncient Egyptian Sword: A Khopesh This is an easy project where you can make a cardboard sword called a Khopesh. It is half axe and half sword and a 3,000 year old design. Make a Khopesh Sword




Make a Moss Terrarium Nice, easy project tutorial on how to make a moss terrarium. You can even find the moss outside. Make a Moss Terrarium


The Multi-Pult: A Rapid fire automatic Five Shot catapult

This is a fun and easy project to make. You trigger one catapult arm and it automatically fires all five in rapid succession like a machine gun. Complete tutorial and a video if you want to see it in action. The MultiPult Catapult


Stop motion animation miniature setCreating a set for a stop motion animation

I create a miniature room for a stop motion animation project (DragonSlayer 7) I show you tips and techniques for how to build a set like this and how to do stop motion Animation. Creating a stop motion animation set


A Venus Fly Trap Terrarium
They are an amazing and exotic plant. And they are great in terrariums. You just have to know some basic rules of care when it comes to these carnivorous plants. I make a terrarium and give you guidelines for a successful Venus Fly Trap Terrarium This also includes a video tutorial.



The DragonSlayer 7 Animation

DragonSlayer 7I created a minute and a half stop motion animation. You can watch it right here and I also give you tips on how to make your own stop motion animation just like mine. DragonSlayer 7 Adventure Begins.



Make the Zelda Sword -Ocarina of Time

Fun project that you can make with just a single sheet of foam board. Or you can use cardboard. I have a complete template that you can download, print up and put together. Make the Zelda Sword


Hammer of Thor

Make the Hammer of THOR

This is an easy project to make with just foam and a broomstick. Comes out great. Make the Hammer of THOR



The Behemoth: Ten foot Trebuchet

This is monster of a Siege engine. I have instructions on how to build one, more pictures and a video showing it launching a six pound rock. Nice project. (the tutorial is not yet done) Check out the Behemoth Trebuchet here







How to Make a Periscope I made a periscope for my DragonSlayer tank. I show you how to easily make a persicope for looking over walls and around corners. How to Make a Periscope


Make a Unique Solar System Diorama.
The Diorama is in the shape of a telescope (Just a shipping tube) and you look inside the telescope to see the planets by either looking in the eyepiece or by taking the cover off. Neat little diorama that is really unique yet easy to make. Make a Solar System Diorama


How to Make a Marionette Theatre

Just a few pieces of 1/4 inch plywood and you have a nice little marionette theatre that easily folds and fits in the car. How to make a marionette theatre




I HAVE LOTS MORE PROJECTS - Just Click here and continue on to check them out!