About The Authors

Alan Vekich and Dr. Art Kessner and had been enjoying role-playing games and voraciously reading fantasy and science fiction for decades. For over three years, they have collaborated under the pen name A. A. Wolfner. The collaboration has produced a role-playing game called DayONE, based in a unique fantasy universe of their creation. Vekich and Kessner meticulously read and analyzed other fantasy novels. They studied modern and ancient legends and myths of the new and old worlds. All this information was compiled to construct a journal collating a distinctive cosmology and civilization for the DayONE universe, including descriptions of several new species. Using a series of related scenarios and plotlines, they launched a project that included short stories, game modules and a compendium of characters. The Lore of DayONE developed as a natural prequel to the game itself, pulling together characterization and history to anchor an entire future series of novels based on the cosmology of the DayONE concept.

Art Kessner, Ph.D.

Art Kessner has a Doctorate in Biochemistry and is certified in laboratory medicine. He has published in several scientific journals and volunteer newsletters. Dr. Kessner enjoys reading religious texts relating to Far Eastern and Judeo-Christian philosophy. Combining disparate viewpoints in new ways, he brings ironic or unusual cosmological concepts into his fantasy fiction story telling. Kessner has converted common theological ideas into an unconventional fictional world in which the creative powers learn from their creation, rather than the other way around. His characters therefore have unique influences on their world, and readers enjoy a refreshing view of life.

Alan J. Vekich

Alan J. Vekich has a Masters of Science degree in Biochemistry. Since leaving college, he has worked in the biotechnology industry. His area of expertise has given him the opportunity to write literally thousands of company research reports, manufacturing documents and reviews. He has also published in several scientific journals. While doing his undergraduate studies, he developed the strong interest in history that he has brought into his writing. Vekich’s fictional leaders exploit opportunities presented to them by their particular political situation. According to Vekich’s intriguing characters, history is created from the results of exploitation of opportunities as they present themselves. Each act leads to new opportunities for successive generations of individuals. Vekich studies the ancient myths and legends, discovering the historical facts that created the myths. He reproduces the evolution and intersection of myth and history in his fictional universe.