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How to Make Leather Bracers - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we add the eyelets and the rivets to the bracers.


At this point you can apply leather dye or acrylic paint. Then after 24 hours put a leather finish on it such as Eco-Flo super shene (Tandy product) until it dries thoroughly another further coat may be applied but after this too is completely dry. Buff to a shine with a lint free cloth.
PS do not forget to coat the edges of the gauntlets with your choice of dye or paint and allow to dry.

Color the leather black


Here I have used Eco-Flo Cova Color by Tandy to
coat my gauntlets.

(Eco Flo Tandy Leather Cova Colour)


Put a finish on the leather

Then after 24 hours put a leather
finish on it such as Eco-Flo super
shene (Tandy product) until it dries

(Eco Flo Super Shene)

A further coat may be applied but
wait until this too is completely dry.

Finally, buff to a shine with a lint
free cloth.


Add the rivets

Brass eyelets fitted for fastening with a lace.
Usually fitted using a crimping tool.



Add protective leather strip

On the fleshy side the eyelets have a
rough crimped edge so to render these
safe from scratching the arm I decided to
face them with a thinner leather.


Roll it down

I used the template to “acquire” the holes and a
small margin that would cover the eyelet. Marking
the line of the cover piece allows a more precise
Using a water based contact adhesive to both
pieces and waiting for it to become tacky placed
pieces together.
I also used a piece of dowelling to roll over the
glued parts for a much firmer grip and to reduce
any bumps in the material.


Tandy EcoWeld

Tandy EcoWeld - 100ml Water Based Contact Leather Adhesive

  • Ecoweld water based contact adhesive
  • Non-toxic design
  • Strong contact adhesive
  • Ideal for bonding various types of leathers



Add spikes

We can now fit the spike rivets to the main gauntlet body. There is a special punch that accommodates
the spiked portion. There are two
types of spike rivets one which is a long point
and the pictured which is a shorter version.
The punches are not interchangeable.


Rivet posts


The posts of the rivets are not as ragged as the eyelets
as we can see here therefore do not need to be covered.


Finish holes with rotary punch

After riveting the material should be dry enough to finish the holes for lacing.
Here we see the hole making process using a rotary punch. Hole size is as large as the eyelet will allow or your choice to make slightly smaller.

NextOkay, let's lace them up and finish them



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