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How to Install a Bee Package - Tap and Pour: Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we remove the queen cage and install it into the beehive.



the strap

Grasp the strap and gently pull it so the queen cage comes right out of the package.


Shake the excess bees off

Shake the excess bees off of it and into your hive.


Remove the cork

Step 7: Remove the cork from the Queen cage.


The candy

Notice that chunk of white stuff in the cage. That is candy. It is supposed to be there to plug up the hole.

Don't remove it. Once it is installed in the hive the bees will remove it. And in doing so they free the queen so she can exit the cage and enter the hive.


The Queen Cage

Let's take a look. Here is the Queen cage. That is her with the white dot on her back. There are also a few worker bees in there to care for her. Note that not all bee suppliers mark the queen with a dot.


Attach queen cage to frame

Now rubber band that queen cage to your tenth frame. Put it just like this. The top of the frame is on the right of the picture.

And the hole on the queen cage is near that top edge.

Place it about one inch from that top edge so the queen can get out.


Insert the frame

Now install that frame into the hive. The deep now has ten frames. And notice how that queen cage is near the top.

Ok, your queen is now installed in the hive.

NextLet's continue and add all the bees.


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