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How to Install a Bee Package - Tap and Pour: Part 3

In the previous part we put the queen in the hive. And in this part we add the bees.


Peel some of the screen

Next peel away some of the screen from the box.


Tap the package

Now tap the package firmly on the top of the hive. This loosens all the bees.


Pour the bees

And pour them right on top of the hive. You don't have to get them all. Just get most of them. Tap it again if you need to. But don't excessively tap or jostle them. We want them loose, not angry.

And that's it. The bees are also installed in the hive.


Put the cover on

Now gently put the telescoping cover on.

Put the can over a hole

Put the can over one of the holes leaving the other hole open. Place the can over the hole so one of the holes in the can is directly over the hole in the telescoping cover. This is so the bees can still get at the honey water from below.


Add a second deep

Now add a second deep.


The bees are moving

Look at that. The bees are already investigating.

Okay! Everything has been installed. That was pretty easy.

NextLet's continue and finish things up




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