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How to Install a Bee Package - Tap and Pour

A common way to install a bee package is the tap and pour method. It is tried and true. I will show you step by step how to do it and I have a video so you can watch me do it.


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You can watch the video tutorial right here:

A Bee package

Ok! So you are getting a bee package, or you have received it. It has three pounds of bees in it, a queen in a cage, and a can of sugar water. What do you do?

First off, don't worry! They will be ok. And, you don't have to install them today. You can wait until tomorrow. Put them in a dry warm place like the garage. This gives them a chance to calm down after their long trip.


Get the hive ready

Preparing the hive

Set down your cinder blocks if needed. This keeps the hive off the damp and wet ground. Put down the base board. Put an empty deep on top of it and set in a reducer if you want to use one. I recommend using the smallest opening on the reducer so it limits bee traffic in and out.


Install 9 frames

Set in 9 frames. This leaves one frame space open for the queen and her frame.


Remove the cover from the bee package

Gently remove the cover from the package.


Remove the honey water can

Remove the can and set it aside. We will need it again. This can has sugar water in it. And notice there are small holes on the bottom. This is so the bees can get the sugar water.

Take note of the yellow strap sticking out of the hole. Your strap color may be different.


NextOkay, lets continue and get the queen cage and install it into the hive


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