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2 gallon batch - Blackberry Christmas Mead

6 lbs Sue Bee Clover Honey
2 boxes raisins (the small ones, obviously!)
Water balance to 2 gallons
1 tsp plain old bread yeast

Combine the above ingredients and leave for about a month.
Once the primary ferment is done, rack the lot onto:

3 lbs Oregon Blackberry (or any other flavor, for that matter! ) Puree


I was planning this for Christmas though I think this'll get better over time. I'm praying that it doesn't turn into Robitussin!!

This also marks the first time I've used fruit puree.

I had about 500ml plain mead leftover from the primary. Just basically honey-water with a kick to it (what do you expect, there's nothing in it!) :)

Blueberry Melomel (this one's a 1-gallon test batch)

My "Regular" blueberry mel is a crowd pleaser. People who I've given it to love it and have even asked for refills! A friend I gave it to even told me he's not sharing!! Trouble is, that batch took about FOUR MONTHS from start to bottle. I thought I'd try making a "quick drink" mel for the impatient ones.

Planning to bottle this next month sometime for Christmas.

Who knows, this might become a 2-gallon batch next year sometime!


2 lbs Sue Bee OB Honey
1 lb Sue Bee Buckwheat Honey (marketed as Aunt Sue's Raw Unprocessed Honey in the Philippines)
1 cinnamon stick
1 whole clove

Water balance to 1 gallon

1/2 tsp Yeast Energizer *
1 tsp Fermax *

Lalvin EC-1118 Yeast


Racked the lot onto a pound of thawed blueberries, which I mashed slightly to release the juice.

Process Notes:

* You can replace the Energizer and Fermax with about 25 raisins if you don't have any commercial nutrient.
* I didn't bother doing a starter for the yeast in this case, just pitched it straight into the jug.
* Left this one for 2 weeks while I went off on a business trip (no, not mead related!). Came back and the ferment was done.
* I threw in the cinnamon stick and clove at a whim. It actually turned out quite well.
* It was surprisingly very drinkable straight out of primary. Something I wasn't expecting from a powerhouse EC-1118 yeast. I think it was because I pulled it out after 2 weeks. If I had left it longer, it could have been jet fuel...

** I might revisit my 2-gallon apple cyser. Only this time I'll add them apples in secondary instead of feeding them to the yeasties... I'll probably chop up the apples before I dump them in.