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Boldt Castle

The building of Boldt castle is about tragedy. This castle was specifically built by George Boldt for his wife Louise. But before construction was completed she died. George, stricken with grief ordered all construction to stop. And he never started it back up again.

It wasn't until many years later, after his passing that his children decided to continue with construction.

Today, it is owned by The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority. They too have invested significant amounts of money into it. It is a perfectly restored and maintained gem that is open to the public.

You can visit Boldt castle during it's open season by taking a ferry from Alexandria Bay. Visit the official website to learn more.

It sits alone on a small island (Heart Island) in the St. Lawrence River and is part of the thousand islands. It is a remarkable marble structure that is reminiscent of the castles along the Rhine river in Germany.




This next picture shows the power house.

Let's take a look at some of the interior of the castle.

For me the interior is very Great Gatsby, lavish, beautiful and well done.




One of the things I really like about this castle is that they had a whole lot of the architectural drawings on display. Seeing as I am going to be building a castle these were a nice and personal touch for me. You can see pictures of those drawings on the next page here. Architectural drawings and sketches of Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle - The Story of an Unfinished Dream

When prominent NYC hotelier George Boldt demonstrated his love for his wife, Louise, by building a magnificent chateau in the beautiful Thousand Islands, no expense was too great and no idea too grand.. But when Louise died suddenly, George immediately brought construction to a halt. Broken hearted, he never set foot on the island again and the lonely castle was abandoned to time and the elements for over 70 years.

This book shares the fascinating details behind the crumbling castle and describes the ambitious restoration project that has brought new life to Boldt's estate. Includes many color photos.


Will Travels Medieval America -

Will is on a quest to build a castle. And as part of this he has embarked on an adventure across America visiting castles, blacksmiths, meaderies, museums and all sorts of medieval places. You can follow along on the adventure! Yes, there are castles in America and Will is visiting them!! Check it out here: Medieval America