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Bourbon Street in New Orleans


This is one of the most famous streets in all of America. Everybody has heard of Bourbon street. I am not into partying or drinking but I did spend a few hours one night on Bourbon street just so I could soak up the flavor and feeling of it.

I didn't go in any clubs or bars. They all were very crowded. I did however walk up and down the street slowly several times taking pictures, people watching, listening to the music and just enjoying the ambiance.

One thing that surprised me is that it is not a very big or long street. Just a couple of blocks in length and barely two car widths from side to side.

During the day you can drive down Bourbon street and in the evening they close it off to drivers and it becomes only foot traffic.

I have a youtube showing the best and highlights of my visit to new orleans.

Overall I had a nice evening on Bourbon street. I did enjoy my evening. I was there around the 4th of July so I would imagine it gets much more amped up, and much more crowded during Mardi Gras.





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