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Buhl Mansion

The Buhl mansion was built in 1891 for the Buhl family. They made their money in the steel industry.

Today it is a Guest house and day spa. And it appears to me that the new owners have meticulously restored and maintained it.

It is located in Sharon Pennsylvania which is in the very far western end of the state. The mansion is less than a mile from the Ohio border and on the National Register of Historic places.

It is a private business so I didn't go inside. I just walked around on the sidewalk and took some pictures. There is one thing I really love about this castle.....


See that structure there in the middle of the picture? There is a circular tower with a conical roof on it. Cool, but to the left of that you can see three arches. Those three arches are something called a Porte-Cochere. It was a place where horse and carriage can pull up to the house and stay protected from rain and the elements. That is my favorite element of this castle. It was a treat to see it.