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Cat People, New Orleans, and Nastassja Kinski

When I was a teenager I had a crush on an actress/model named Nastassja Kinski. She is the daughter of the actor Klaus Kinski.

Well in 1982 she starred in a movie called "Cat people" . I had to see it!



Nastassja Kinski

It's an okay movie. And it is a bit dated now being about 30 years old.

But here is the big thing about this movie that really stuck with me. It takes place in New Orleans.

And that really made an impression on me.

It brought up the wonder in me, and the desire to some day go to New Orleans.


Up until that point in my life I hadn't started traveling yet having only gone to Disneyland with my family.

The thing about the movie is that it really showcased the city of New Orleans. The two main characters (Nastassja Kinski and John Heard) went on dates, ate the local food and watched a parade.

It all was pretty cool and pretty mysterious.

Well, anyway, I did some internet searching while I was there and found some things. This picture here is the house that Nastassja lived in during the movie (With her brother Malcolm McDowell. It was kind of cool to see the house.

And this little restaurant here was the place that Nastassja and John had their first date. It was kind of neat tracking this down too.


There was another filming location that was demolished over these 30 years. And, one thing I didn't do that I really should have done was visit the zoo in New Orleans. It was a big filming location for the movie.

It felt really wonderful to cross the movie, and New Orleans, off my bucket list. And, was a bit shocking to me to find out that John Heard had recently passed away. Where did the 30 years go..... and, I wonder if Nastassja is single?



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