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I never really thought about Florida. Even though I had traveled there once when I was younger. Let me tell you that story and more about my stay in St. Augustine.

If you want to know more about my trek around the country the main page for that is here: Seeing Medieval America



It was at some point in the 1970's. I was a teenager or tween and my family booked a trip to DisneyLand. My parents and us four children. I do remember a couple of things about that trip even though it was a long time ago.

The biggest memory I have is that we traveled there during Winter in New England. We had a great time and I wore shorts the whole time in Florida. But I didn't realize that returning to New England would mean returning to cold weather! We disembarked off our plane in Boston and it was cold and snowing! And I was still wearing shorts!

I was so embarrassed. The cold wasn't that much of a concern to me. It was the embarassment!! People in the airport were looking at me and smiling. Nobody was cruel or mean. But people definitely were a bit amused.

That was my first lesson in travel - things are different in different places. It sounds simplistic but it is very deep. And this difference extends to everything including food, rhythms of life, perceptions of how to live, and more.

The second big thing that I took away from that trip to Disneyland is that all I really wanted to see was Disney Castle. And.... much to my dismay it was closed. And to make it worse Main Street USA was closed too for renovations. So we couldn't even get close to the castle. We could only see the castle from a distance by peering through cracks in a fence! Yikes, I was so disappointed. That really was the the only "Must-see" on my young list.

Anyway, It was with much anticipation that I returned to Disneyland in Orlando Florida on my excursion around the country. This time I got some pictures of Disneyland, main street and the famous Disney castle!

Disney Castle


Disney Castle



Well, I managed to get closer to Disney Castle this time around but because of bad weather it was closed to the public! So, I got closer but couldn't get in. Maybe I will come back in a few years and try again! Watch this short video of rainfall at the castle.





LEGO Disney Castle