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Fireworks in New Orleans (4th of July)


Right in the middle of my trek around all of America I found myself serendipitously in New Orleans right around the 4th of July which was perfect for me.

I ended up staying a full week in the big easy and watched the fireworks. The following day I left the city and continued on my trek around the country.

If you want to learn more about my sojourn around America the main page for it is here: Medieval America

I was in a great Art Deco hotel right in the heart of the city and a block away from the French Quarter. To get to the fireworks I just had to walk down Canal street to the river. There were a whole lot of people! It was a massive crowd just continuously walking down Canal to the location of the fireworks on the water.



It was a great evening and I was so happy that I actually got some pretty good shots with my camera. I am a novice with photography!



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