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Grey Towers

This is a beautiful ca stle located in Milford Pennsylvania.

And the thing I like most about this castle is the intimate little areas hidden around the back and sides of it. It's something that I haven't seen at any other castle. There are narrow tree lined paths, small areas for sitting and small buildings. It's quite nice. Castles tend to focus on the big and the grandiose. They have big imposing walls and lots of space. But they rarely give consideration to intimate outdoor spaces.



First let's take a look at the outside of the castle. The castle is not open year round. It is a seasonal place and I arrived before the season started. But I could still walk around the grounds. I just couldn't go inside.




Let's take a look around that intimate area that I referred to. There are little paths, covered areas, a fountain and more.








This castle is well worth a visit just to get the feel of these wonderful outdoor areas around it.


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