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Mclaughlin Castle


There are three different names for this castle: McLaughlin Castle, Cagle Castle, and Gnome Castle.

It is a small Troubadour style castle located about an hour north of Atlanta Georgia.





Mclaughlin castle is an interesting castle-esque structure located right on the intersection of a maor road and a smaller road. You can just drive right by it easily which makes a nice change because most castles are nestled away somewhere and you have to get to them. This one is right on 12570 Arnold Mill road in Alpharetta Georgia which is about an hour drive north of the center of Atlanta.

It is privately owned and not open to the public so a certain amount of respect is due to the owners. I parked a little ways away and took various pictures and videos from across the street.


On the grounds behind the castle there is some kind of a structure. It might be a shed. And somebody told me that there is some kind of body of water back there. It might be a pool or a pond. I didn't see it from street level. So I took a look at google maps satellite view and sure enough there is a minature castle structure and a pool back there. Kind of cool!


This castle also has the nickname of "Gnome Castle". This is because of the gnomes that adorn the surrounding fence structure.


Will's thoughts: This is a private residence so I would say be respectful of the owners privacy. I wouldn't knock on the door or go past the fence. I would imagine they are used to people snapping pictures though. That's what I did. I walked around it for a few minutes and took a few pictures -then left.


Watch the video here:




Will's thoughts about this castle: