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Medieval America | Portland Maine

This is another installment in my series of videos and article about my trip around America to see medieval things like blacksmiths, castles, meaderies, museums and much more.

You can follow my adventure from my youtube channel here.

The adventure really starts here. Up until now I have been slowing down and decompressing. I was starting to formulate my plan for travel and what I would see in America. This is where it starts.

I drove up the coast to Portland Maine. This felt to me like a good place to start the adventure. It is very near the farthest east point in America and it is on the Atlantic Ocean. At some point on this journey I will be on the other coast and looking at the Pacific Ocean.

I started out in a Motel 6 in Portland. Here is a picture of Portland Harbor where it pours out into the Atlantic Ocean. And that's it. The very end of the east coast and where my adventure begins. This is at a place called Fort Allen.

Driving around Portland I found a place called monument square. And I was pleased to see this statue of a woman holding a sword. It just seemed right considering my quest. So I walked around downtown a bit and took this picture.


And I saw a lot of beautiful homes in Portland.


And just for fun I thought you might want to take a look at the motel room I stayed in.


Continue on to the next stop in the adventure (Searles Castles)


A visit to a meadery

Will visits Maine Mead Works in Portland Maine




Will at a CastleWill is on a quest to See Medieval America. He is criss-crossing his way across the whole country from East to West. You can Join in the fun and follow along on his youtube channel right here: Will's Youtube channel.

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Learn more about the castle here


I have the first version of this castle done. It is an eight page pdf which includes the base sheet that you assemble it on. There are not yet any instructions to go with it. But you should be able to put it together relatively easily. I recommend you print it up onto some kind of index card or card stock. 90 pound paper is the best. Download it here: Merry Mead Castle Paper booklet

(If you need 90 pound paper it is available on amazon right here)


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