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Medieval Castles and Buildings in America

This is part of my journey around the USA. I took five months to travel all 48 states seeing many of the famous sites. I also made it a strong point to visit as many castles as I could.

If you want to know more about my trek around the country the main page for that is here: Seeing Medieval America


Searles Castles - Three locations and two different castles in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. One of them is now a private school the other is a privately owned venue that holds events like weddings.




Bannerman Castle -

located on a tiny island in New York and not really a castle but it makes for a great day trip where you take a ferry boat out and get a tour. Interesting history behind this structure and the builder.



Singer Castle -

Beautiful castle on an island in the middle of a lake in upstate New York. Originally built by the Singer sewing machine empire. It is now open to the public for tours and lodging. Nice castle and makes for a great tour which I took.



Boldt Castle -

An amazing castle also located on an island in a lake of Northern New York. Tragedy stopped the building of it but years later it was taken over and completed. Now it is a tourist location and quite beautiful.




The Cloisters -

Don't let this thumbnail fool you. This is one of my favorite places in all of America. It is the only authentic museum in America solely devoted to the Medieval era. And it is astonishing. Part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


Fonthill Castle -

A castle built in Pennsylvania by an entrepreneur who delved into many endeavors but made his fortune in Moravian Pottery. Now open to the public for tours - and the functioning Moravian pottery plant too.



Grey Towers Mansion -

Beautiful castle/mansion in Milford Pennsylvania with a history tied to the US Forestry service.




Pax Amicus Castle Theatre -

Not a real castle but a fun venue that puts on medieval and renaissance style plays and shows. Lot of fun and worth a visit. Located in New Jersey.




Smithsonian Castle -

Located in Washington DC and the starting point for the Smithsonian experience.



Braddock Carnegie Library -

Located in Pennsylvania and the first of two thousand libraries that Andrew Carnegie built all across America.




The James Episcopal Church - Located in Pennsylvania






Kentucky Castle -

Modern day structure that is castle-esque. It is a multi function endeavor with dining, lodging, events, tours, and more. Fun day trip.



Duke Chapel -

A spectacular chapel in North Carolina that is part of Duke University.




Bryn Athyn Cathedral -






Biltmore Castle -

A world famous castle and one of the most prominent castles in all of America. It is the centerpiece of the Biltmore empire. You can tour the castle and also the grounds which are among the most amazing anywhere. Includes massive parks, gardens and much more. Located in North Carolina.


Buhl Mansion -

Located in Pennsylvania and now open as a guest house and spa.




Castle Otttiss -

It is a private residence in Florida. I took a drive by.






Villa Zorayda -

A mansion from the gilded age and now a museum. A loose replica of the famous Alhambra castle in Spain.




Castillo de San Marcos -

A magnificent star shaped naval fortress located in St. Augustine Florida. It is in perfect condition and open to the public.



Ripley Castle -

A museum for the famous Ripley's Believe it or not Business. Located in St. Augustine Florida. And open to the public. It has lots of interesting Ripley-esque stuff.



Castle Winery -

A Magnificent Italian castle winery built to 13th century standards and with 13th century techniques. Quite a beautiful castle and open to the public.




Squires Castle -

It is officially called Squire's Castle but it is actually just the gatehouse to a castle that was never built. I visited it. And... there was a guy there with a drone. He shared the drone footage with us. Kind of cool.



Curwood Castle - Beautiful castle in Ohio that was the home of famous writer. I love this castle!





Loveland Castle - An amazing castle in Ohio that was built stone by stone by one man over the course of his long life. Open to the public and pretty interesting. Very much in the style of a Norman Keep.




McLaughlin Castle -

A privately owned residence so you can't go in but you can drive by. I even stopped and got pictures and video of it from several different angles. Located in Georgia.



Disney Castle -

Do I need to say anything about this castle? This is the one in Florida.




Raymond Castle - Beautiful little castle that is currently closed. It was a private residence and after the death of the owner it spent time as a function center. It's current dispensation is unknown. Located in Raymond Mississippi.



The Red Gym in Madison Wisconsin -





Collins Castle -

Bishops Castle -

Glen Eyrie Castle -

Joslyn Castle -

Hammond Castle

Gillette Castle

Kimball Castle

Lucknow Castle

Belcourt Castle

The Breakers