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Medieval Times in Baltimore

Medieval times is a franchise dinner theatre with a medieval theme.

You eat a medieval style banquet in a large arena while being entertained by a show. The show is of course medieval themed and there are sword fights, a story line, horseman ship and just a whole lot of fun.





This is the outer hall. Once you purchase your tickets you can walk around this area to play games, purchase refreshments and souvenirs. It's a nice area where people mull around. Eventually the main doors will open and you enter the arena where the show is.


Here is the meal. It is corn, potato, chicken and tomato soup. Along with a drink. They of course serve other drinks that you can purchase. It's just fun and they make a big point of letting you know that you have to eat with your fingers. There are no utensils. So, the meal starts being served and you can eat while the show starts.


Here is the arena. It is amphitheatre style so all the seats are good seats. And it is oblong in shape so that the horses can run.


And part of the show is that you sit in color coded sections. And each section is aligned with a particular knight. So you have someone to cheer for. And of course you have the other knights to cheer against.


All in all it makes for a wonderful evening. Medieval stuff is a thing for me so of course I will enjoy it. But, it is a great form of entertainment. Even if you aren't into medieval stuff you are going to have a good time. It's a unique kind of experience.

To see if there is one near you check out their website here.