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Medieval Weapons and Armor on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is a spectacular museum located in New York City. And they of course have works of many of the great masters including Van Gogh, Renoir, Picasso, and so many more that I could list. And, the cover many different art forms including sculpture, painting and well you get the idea.

They also cover practically the whole of human history in terms of art.

So, it probably goes without saying that they would have a remarkable collection of weapons and armor.


I would say that when talking about that place where medieval armor and weapons meets museums you could call in the art of the blacksmith. It truly is a form of art. And, it is functional.

And oh so important. This type of art was a matter of life and death. Yet it still could be quite beautiful.

Are you interested in blacksmithing? In armor and weapons? If you are within reach of New York city then I highly recommend you visit the MET!

Mounted knights with armor



Medieval Helmets and Armor






A German suit of armor from around 1520. It weighs a little over 57 pounds.

A German Suit of Armor


This suit of armor dates from between 1400 and 1450 and it weighs 41 pounds. Technically it isn't wholly authentic. No complete suit of armor exists from that time period but this one has been faithfully restored as a representative model.

A suit of Armor

Here is an excellent example of a two-handed sword. The smaller sword is an arming sword. And just off the edge of the picture on the left is a hand and a half sword.



Will forging a sword

How to Make a Sword - I take you through the whole process of making a sword. And this one is a good sized sword! Really beefy and feels good in the hands. How to Make a sword - It also comes with a detailed step-by-step youtube video.


ChainmailHow to make chainmail: This is a tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to make chain mail. I show you which wire to use, how to create the rings and how to weave the actual mail. How to make chainmail. I will also be doing a tutorial on how to make a piece of chainmail armor.



The Complete Bladesmith - Looking for instructions in bladesmithing that'll put you on the cutting edge of the custom blade market? Then this definitive guide to forging world-class blades is for you. Written by a master bladesmith, this book tells you how to set up your forge, select your materials, fashion grips and hilts, grind edges and much more!

Will Travels Medieval America -

Will is on a quest to build a castle. And as part of this he has embarked on an adventure across America visiting castles, blacksmiths, meaderies, museums and all sorts of medieval places. You can follow along on the adventure! Yes, there are castles in America and Will is visiting them!! Check it out here: Medieval America