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Mount Rushmore South Dakota


It's a terrific national park and a real treat to visit. I do understand that it is carved right into a mountain and enormous in size. But it does seem smaller than I imagined it would be!

It is all laid out very well and they have this beautiful concourse that leads directly to the rushmore carving. So, you get a nice look at it as you are walking up to it.

The whole park is of course done very well with good parking, concessions, bathrooms and a nice layout.



This next picture shows the concourse pointing directly at and leading up to the observation area.


Another great thing about Rushmore is that there is a nice observation area you can stop at before getting to the actual park. It gives you a different angle look at the mountain.


And then there is another spot you can stop at after visiting the park. This spot gives you a terrific profile of George Washington.


All in all I loved my visit to Mount Rushmore. This place was on my bucket list and it felt good to see it.