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New Orleans


New Orleans is of course very special. I ended up spending a week there. And I was there for the fireworks on the 4th of July which was a great way for me to end my stay and move on.

This is part of my trek around all of America. It is an adventure I call "Seeing Medieval America". If you want to see more of my adventure the main page is here.

Me enjoying the amazing New Orleans food.

I am not much of a drinker. Definitely getting too old for that. So, I didn't go in any of the bars or clubs on Bourbon street. I did spend a few hours one night walking up and down Bourbon street though! It was fun, I have video and pictures of that (below).

There were a couple of big things for me when it comes to New Orleans though. First off was the amazing food. I tried a whole lot of it. Secondly was the fourth of July fireworks. That was special for me. And of course there was the architecture and feel of New Orleans. I enjoyed that a whole lot. But....

But.... one very big thing for me and New Orleans revolves around a movie. Yup.... a movie from the 80's with Nastassja Kinski

You can read more about that movie and me here: Cat People, New Orleans, and Nastassja Kinski


I have a youtube showing the best and highlights of my visit to new orleans.




Fried Green Tomatoes


The Spectacular Seafood




This the main strip in New Orleans. It is a major city with lots of major city look and feel. These next two pictures are of Canal street which is the center and epitome of the big easy. There is a trolley system that runs right through the center of it.


But the real charm of New Orleans is located in a section of the city called The French Quarter. The architecture, feeling and style is unique and beautiful. I can only define it as charming. Here are some pictures.







And everywhere there were small groups of musicians playing New Orleans style music.


If you want more New Orleans I have it here:


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