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Rhodes Castle


The official name of it is "Rhodes Hall" But it has come to be unofficially called a castle and they do events there promoting it as a castle.








It is located on 1516 Peachtree Street NW Atlanta Georgia 30309 about fifteen minutes north of downtown Atlanta.

It was built in 1904 by the furniture magnate Amos Rhodes. And an interesting thing about this castle and the name Rhodes is that there is a Greek Island named Rhodes and it has a castle that is a palace of the grand master of the knights of Rhodes. This castle in Atlanta is of no relation to that one!

But if you do a search of Rhodes castle that one comes up. To find more information about this one you should search for Rhodes Hall.




It is located in a high traffic area of Atlanta so parking can be a bit problematic. I parked a little bit away from it then walked to it. There is an overpass nearby and under that overpass is plenty of free parking.

It is public property being cared for in a trust so it is open to the public at certain hours and they do host events. You can check out their website for more information. The day I arrived they were closed. I am not sure why but there was a lot of activity going on including some workers doing what looked like minor construction work. But I had the feeling they were preparing for some kind of an event.

The structure itself is roughly Romanesque Revival and the majority of it is granite. Looking at this building I got a very strong sense that the architecture is very similar to much of that in my home town in Massachusetts. I think it might simply have been the similar time period of the buildings. Civic buildings in that time period, all over America, were often designed in the Romanesque Revival style.

I didn't have an opportunity to go inside but my understanding is that it is very southern in charm and warmth and it late victorian in nature. One of the big things they tout is the series of painted glass windows depicting the rise and fall of the confederacy.

This next picture shows the long and tall painted glass windows in the short round tower. You can't really see them because they are covered by protective plastic sheets. But from the inside of the castle they are clearly seen.