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Studiolo at the Walters Art Museum

Here are some pictures from the Studiolo in the museum.

I have more stuff about the Walters museum and about another interesting section of the museum called a "Chamber of Wonders".



A studiolo was an individual thing and it could contain any number of things particulary focusing on the blossoming sciences. You might find books, microscopes, natural objects, time pieces and more. A chamber of wonders was more of a showpiece displaying wonders of the world. And a studiolo was more of a place of study and learning.






The Medieval World: The Walters Art Museum

The Medieval World: The Walters Art Museum presents some of the most important aspects of medieval art, through the examination of nearly 150 stunning objects from the Walters Art Museum, one of the richest collections of medieval art in the United States. It features superb examples of sculpture and carvings, metal and enamel work, stained glass, jewellery and illuminated manuscripts, ranging in date from the Romanesque and early Byzantine period to the late Gothic and early Renaissance period.

Divided into subjects such as the classical tradition and artistic process in the Middle Ages, the church as a heavenly space, saints, relics and devotion, and earthly possessions, each chapter is generously illustrated with artworks, special feature boxes, and details, which provide a fuller understanding of both the formal qualities and social context of medieval art.

A wonderfully written and illustrated introduction to the subject of medieval art and society, The Medieval World also features an extensive checklist, bibliography and index.