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The Badlands in South Dakota


The badlands is an area in South Dakota that is very hot, very dry, and very interesting in it's barren landscape. It is barren but has a nice variety of landscape and color.

I love the term "Badlands". It's got a great old fashioned feel to it. And it nicely describes this area of South Dakota. It's right out of an old western movie.


The Badlands, for the most part is a driving national park. It is very big! So, there are tourist and visitor centers. But, for the most part you drive this big area along roads and enjoy some very serious and very amazing landscape. And there are plenty of places along the drive where you can pull into a parking lot to experiece a vista point. And these vistas will have signs and informational placards. And sometimes they even have bathrooms.

It makes for a really nice day to drive through the badlands.