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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City (The MET)

Many consider this to be the finest museum in the world. And it just may be. I dunno but it is quite magnificent. I always find it humbling to walk right up to sculptures, paintings and other art works that are literally priceless. I mean literally so valuable that they are invaluable.

I also have a video with various new york sites and castles, including The Met. You can watch that video on my youtube channel here.

In my trek around America I visited quite a few museums. And for me there always was one of two very specific goals. Either they had medieval art/weapons/armor. Or they had Van Gogh's. In the case of this museum they have both. And of magnificent quality.

Here is a picture of the main entrance to the Met.

The Met in New York


One of the shocking, and humbling, things about the Met is the intimacy achieved. Even though there are a lot of people visiting the whole thing is very open, very airy and you can get up close to the art. I mean really close. It is a testament to America's belief in what a museum is all about. It is all about the people. These works of art are literally here for you, and for me.



The biggest reason for me visiting the Met was their astonishing collection of weapons and armor from various ages including the Medieval Period, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Swords and rapiers at the met



NextI have a page devoted strictly to the weapons and armor in the Met



How to Make a Sword - I take you through the whole process of making a sword. And this one is a good sized sword! Really beefy and feels good in the hands. How to Make a sword - It also comes with a detailed step-by-step youtube video.


ChainmailHow to make chainmail: This is a tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to make chain mail. I show you which wire to use, how to create the rings and how to weave the actual mail. How to make chainmail. I will also be doing a tutorial on how to make a piece of chainmail armor.








The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Masterpiece Paintings Hardcover

In line with best-selling The Louvre: All the Paintings , and Rizzoli's successful The Hermitage Collections and The Barnes Foundation: Masterworks , this title offers an exquisite tour, unique in its lavish illustration, scholarship, extent, and graceful packaging. As the first large survey published in 30 years, and the first large general survey of the Met's paintings collection it is the first to celebrate the greatest and most iconic paintings of one of the largest, most important, and most beloved museums in the world.