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Ripley Castle


I didn't realize that the main Ripley headquarters was here in St. Augustine. It's an actual castle that has been turned into the Ripley's believe it or not museum.

The castle has a bit of an interesting story. Ripley himself wanted to buy it but could never get it done. After he passed away the Ripley company did eventually purchase it.



Ripley Castle


Side of Ripley Castle



The Ripley corporation has a whole lot of stuff all around the world. But one of the things they collect, that I really like, is medieval stuff. They have accumulated many weapons and contraptions that are very medieval.

Medieval Weapons 1



Persian Flail



They have a whole lot of stuff at the Ripley Castle. It is multiple floors and you walk a semi guided path through most of it. But you can do it all at your own pace. And the last thing to see, just before you get into the gift shop is this crazy spinning tunnel.

Note how shaky the camera work is! This is because I couldn't walk straight. That's the whole point of the spinning tunnel! It is fun however! I walked back and forth in it.


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