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Things I learned from Visiting Castles

You may know that I am going to be building a castle. And well... how do you do that? I don't know so I have embarked on a journey around America to see other castles and find out how they were built. Here on this page are some of my notes -- things I have learned from these castles in America.



Fonthill Castle - The Builder of this castle (Mercer) was a many of many talents including archaeology, scholarship, ceramics, pottery and more. But it is one particular type of tile and pottery work called Moravian pottery that he made his fortune. He opened a factory that made this pottery and gained wealth. This pottery became very popular during the arts & crafts movement in America.

So, he founded a new niche and started a company that did very well. But also of note with this castle is that he took a chance and built the castle using reinforced and poured concrete. At the time this was a new technology and a bit of a risk. So.... you don't have to do the actual building the same way it has always been done.


Grey Towers Castle - This is a small and beautiful castle. One thing very much stood out for me on visiting it. There is a large area around back and to one side of this castle that is an intimate area of walkways, trellises, gazebos and hidden little spots. There is a magic about this area where you can sit around a small pool, eat under a gazebo or walk narrow paths among trees. There are also small buildings in this area.

I really like this intimate and quiet area a lot. Many castles have large and ostentatious grassy areas. This castle doesn't. My castle will have an area of its grounds like this.


Pax Amicus Theatre - People love to be entertained. I do and you do too! A castle can be a very wonderful place for people to gather together and watch a show. We love telling and listening to stories. And a theatre is a place for story telling.

My castle will have a theatre with a stage.





Singer Castle - The builder of this castle was inspired by a fictitious castle in a novel. He was so enamored by it that he decided to build that very castle for real. This is very inspirational. I learned that you can have a vision, inspired by something, and make it a reality.






Boldt Castle -

This is a spectacular castle built on an island.

Boldt built it for his wife whom he greatly adored. She died before the castle was finished and he abandoned it- ceasing all construction.

I learned that a castle is a big project and that life can sometimes get in the way.