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Van Gogh's in America

I visited a lot of museums in America, Some of the best. And I saw a lot of artwork. I am a big fan. Have been all my life. But of all the artists (in oil) that I enjoy there is one above all of them. (For me anyway.) And that is Vincent Van Gogh.

There is just something absolutely magnificent in his later works. His earlier works were ok but as he gained mastery of the art he blossomed into something magnificent. I think that somehow he tapped into emotion and managed to express it on the canvas in a way that nobody else ever has.


Here are some of the Van Gogh's that I saw around the country. I actually saw more of them but didn't take pictures - and I really should have. I now regret that! But, enjoy.


Self Portrait - 1887


The Bedroom - 1889


Self-Portrait - 1887


The Drinkers - 1890


Wheat Field With Cypresses - 1889


Olive Trees - 1889


Cypresses - 1889


Poet's Garden with Round Clipped Shrub and Weeping Tree - 1888


The Lost Van Gogh Scene Box

I show you how to make this scene box from a lost Vincent Van Gogh Painting. And I give you the template. Print it up and put it together. The Lost Van Gogh Scene Box


Amazon has an award winning movie about Van Gogh starring Willem Dafoe: At Eternity's Gate