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Will's Favorite Museum in America

I embarked on my trip across America with a few different goals. First was to, of course, see America. But very much in the forefront of my goals was to see medieval things.

That includes castles, museums, meaderies, blacksmiths and more.

So, I planned my trip specifically to stop at these medieval sites and along the way I would also stop at famous American tourist attractions like the Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Niagara Falls etc.

And of all the museums I visited in America there is only one that is specifically dedicated to the European Medieval Period. And that is The Cloisters in New York city. For me this is a special place. They have very carefully built that museum to medieval standards. And by build, I mean build! They designed it to be a represenation of a cloister from the medieval period. They even purchased structures from various medieval buildings in Europe, shipped them to New York, and used them to build the museum. It was a very special undertaking.

This next picture shows the main entrance to the Cloisters. The red banners say "The MET". That is because the cloisters are a part of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I have more about this museum right here but let's take a little peek.






I also have a video with various new york sites and castles, including The Cloisters. You can watch that video on my youtube channel here.