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Kalif Publishing and check out my copyright page for information about how to use any work on this site Here is an advertiser guide to this website and the subjects and projects I cover .

About this site

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Medieval Subjects

I love all kinds of medieval subjects and here on my website I have a whole lot of different projects, articles and things in the medieval vein. You can check them out right here on this page.


I have lots of fun and interesting tutorials on this medieval art. How to make a forge, make a sword, knives and much more. Check out the Blacksmithing section here





Paper Castles

Make a Paper Castle

I have dozens of project that you can make from small castles to large ones to castle scenes. Kid of medieval - Make a castle





Mead Making

Making Mead

This is a wonderful pursuit brought down to us from the medieval times. I have all the tutorials you could possibly want on this art. I also have dozens of videos and even a book and a mead making kit. Check out the mead making section here.







My Medieval Website

If you are really into medieval things I also have a subsite of this site called All Things Medieval. Lots of interesting stuff there. You can check it out here: All Things Medieval