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How to Sculpt a Miniature BattleMage - Part 4 (The clothes and face)

In this part of the tutorial we finish the miniature.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



a cape

Next I rolled out a thin sheet of clay and attached it to the shoulders as a cape.


the hair

Same thing with the hair. I rolled out a sheet then pressed it onto the head and shaped it with a tool.


detail lined effect

And I want to point something out here. When you add sheets and pieces of clay you can get this wonderful detail lined effect. This is particularly good to show the edges of things like clothes and armor.


do the face

Now that everything else is just about done we can do the face. You have a couple of options for this. You roll it and add small pieces like this.


add a thin sheet onto the face

Or you can add a thin sheet onto the face and work on that, getting that into shape. Then you can even move forward by adding more small pieces.


detail of the jewel around his neck

And that's it. Just about done. I added the detail of the jewel around his neck. From here I can do some more detail work but this is good. Let's paint it up!


battle mage is complete

Your battle mage is complete. If you want to learn how to paint miniatures. I have an in depth tutorial right here: How to Paint Miniatures.



miniature painting


Tips and techniques for painting miniature subjects,- This tutorial for miniature painting starts here



Modelling and Painting Figures

Modelling and Painting Figures (Modelling Manuals)

Probably the greatest test of the modeller is achieving the perfectly posed figure. This title explains how best to set up the figure, and goes on to deal with the niceties of painting, facial expressions, clothing etc. With no detail unexplored, everything is clearly explained with step by step photos.



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