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The Miniature Forge and Bellows

The miniature forge and bellows is the centerpiece of the dragonslayer set and here I show you a little bit about how it is made.

I also have a tutorail on the making of the miniature anvil

This is part of the set for the dragonslayer Meteor Stop Motion Animation.


The Miniature forge



The coals

The forge coals are neatly carved out of foam. Here is what they look like after painted.


Chipping the foam to make coals

The shape of the coal is made by using some kind of a metal tool and plucking chunks out of the foam.


The coal bed is done

Here is the almost completed coal pit. It just needs a little red and yellow paint for the glowing embers.



More forge pieces

The rest of the forge is just some pieces of foam cut, shaped, and painted. One piece goes behind the coal pit and the large tall piece goes above it as a flue.


Dragonslayer and forge

I mounted a red and a yellow light in the back of the forge so it glowed You can see the glow in this picture from the animation.


Cutting the bellows rom wood

The bellows is an interesting little project. And the bellows actually can be pumped.


Making the bellows

You can see the curved pieces of wire that are attached to the brown fabric and then glued to the wooden parts of the bellows.


The bellow


The bellow is complete

Then a balsa wood frame is made for it. the dowel that is glued to the bellows actually rotates so the bellows can be pumped.

A look at the forge

Then the bellows setup is attached to the forge.



Home made sword

How to Make a Real Sword - I take you through the whole process of making a sword. And this one is a good sized sword! Really beefy and feels good in the hands. How to Make a sword


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