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Making the Miniature Marketplace continued -
the fruits and vegetables

The fruits and vegetables of this scene are a whole lot of fun and they improvised from a few different easy to find materials. I will go over some of the techniques used for these objects. And you can probably hunt around the house and find all kinds of great things that can be used to make miniature stuff like this.

This is part of the Medieval Village Diorama. You can check out that project here

I also have a tutorial showing how to make the fruitstand and the cart right here



The Fruits and Vegetables

The Fruits and vegetables


The miniature fruits

Tomatoes and pumpkins are made from tiny plastic jewelry beads. These are the inexpensive types of beads that you put on a string to make necklaces and bracelets. Lot of fun.And the stems are just bits of electrical wire insulation.




The wire

This picture shows a piece of the insulated wire. You can cut off pieces of the green insulation..




Here are the little bits of insulation from the wire.



Rolled clay

The watermelons are simply rolled from clay.



The miniature watermelons

A little bit of red and green paint and we have watermelons!




The carrots are pieces of orange wire insulation and the green is terrain texture material.



Woodland scenics materials

Here is a look at the Woodland scenics turf that is great for the carrots and vegetables. You can also use a green kitchen sponge to make stuff like this. Just tear the sponge up into little bits.

Woodland scenics turf shaker

Coarse Turf Shaker, Burnt Grass/50 cu. in.

This is the kind of product woodland scenics makes. This particular turf is only "coarse". I used the extra coarse and they also have lots of that on amazon.


Carrot basket

Make a little wooden basket out of balsa wood and you have a nice display for your carrots.




And a little bit of texture material can go in the cart as hay.

The tutorial on how to make the fruitstand and the cart is right here



Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls



Making a Miniature Set for a Stop Motion Animation

I created a complete one room set with furniture to shoot a video sequence for the DragonSlayer series of Videos. This is a tutorial showing you how I made it and how you can put together a good looking miniature set cheaply and easily. Making a Miniature Set for your animation (Note: This is in my Stop Motion Animation Section)


Sculpting a miniature beehive

This is a fun and easy project that only takes an hour. Just a few pieces of balsa wood and some paint are all you need to make this miniature beehive





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