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How to Install an engine into the Yankee Rocket

This tutorial shows you how to install an engine into the rocket. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to build the Yankee that is right here



The three parts

Here are the three components you need for engine installation. They are the engine, the igniter and the plug. You will also need a little bit of masking tape.

insert igniter

Insert the tip of the igniter as far as it will go into the engine.

Bend then insert plug

Push the igniter down like this so it sticks out sideways, curl those two wires to form hoops then push in a plug (the pink thing).

layer of tape

Wrap a layer of tape around the center of the engine.

Insert into rocket

Then go ahead and slide that engine right into the rocket. Push it as far as it will go. The picture shows it about half way in.


That's it! This rocket is ready for the launching pad.


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