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Make the Aerospace Spaceloft - continued

This is part 2 of the tutorial on how to make the Spaceloft.

In this part we add the fins, engine hook and the shock cord.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here.


Insert the engine hook

Now insert the engine hook into the slot as shown.

Put glue on it

Next apply some glue around the circumference of the tube. Near where the engine hook is poked into the slot you made.

Can you see the blue fins at the other end of the tube. You slid that partially on before applying this glue.

Slide the fin unit down

Now slide that fin unit down so it is flush with the tube of the rocket. Notice how there is a slot in the fin unit that fits right over the engine hook.

push the shock cord in

Now lets work on the shock cord. Insert it into the tube at the other slot by pusing it in with a pencil.

quarter inch

Now pull the cord through the end of the tube so only about 1/4 inch is still sticking out of the slot.

put glue

Now, put a ring of glue on the tube just past the shock cord that is sticking out. Then slide the shock cord anchor ring over the tube and push it until the right side is just over the slit.

Anchor in place

The shock cord anchor is now in place.

Tie the shock cord

Lets attach the nose cone and streamer. Start by feeding the end of the shock cord throught the hoop in the nose cone and tying it in a knot.

recovery wadding

Crumple up a single sheet of recovery wadding and insert it into the tube. Crumple it up lightly, don't make it into a tight wad. This recovery wadding is a fire-resistant material that protects your rocket from burning.

NextContinue with the tutorial and get this thing ready for flight



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