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Make the Estes Yankee - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we install the launch lug, the deployment system, paint it and finish it off.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here.


Let's attach the launch lug It is kind of like a straw. And it is what goes over the launch rod. It acts as a guide for the rocket to shoot up the rod.


apply glue for lug

Mark the tube two inches from the end. Then apply glue beyond that line.

apply the lug

Then apply the launch lug right onto that glue. Make it nice and straight as the tube of the rocket.

Let's work on the deployment system. That's the shock cord and streamer. ( The shock cord looks kind of like a rubber band.)

cut out shock cord mount

Cut out the paper piece that looks like this. It is the shock cord anchor. It is how you attach the shock cord to the inside of the rocket tube.

Apply glue to 2

Apply glue to the square numbered 2.

apply the shock cord

Then put the shock cord on like this.

fold it over

Now, fold part 3 over and push it down. We want the glue to nicely glue all of this, with the rubber band nestled right between it all.

fold again and squeeze

Then fold all of that over one more time and squeeze it nicely. This is the mount for the shock cord. It goes in the tube.

put glue on mount

Mark the tube at 1 1/2 inches from the end without the fins. Put a glob of glue on the shock cord mount.

insert mount into tube

Then push that mount into the tube to about your inch and a half mark you made, and press it up against the side of the tube. We want it to adhere nicely to the inside of the tube.

Paint it!

Now you can go ahead and paint it. There are instructions and guidelines if you want to paint it the traditional colors, but of course you can paint it any way you choose.

tie cord to nose cone

Now attach the other end of the shock cord to the nose cone. Put it through the little loop on the bottom then tie it in a knot. Then double knot it and pull the knot nice and tight so it stays. When the rocket blasts that thing gets yanked on pretty hard!

Insert wadding

Now loosely wad up two or three sheets of recovery wadding and insert it into the tube. Push it just beyond the shock cord mount you glued in there.

tape streamer to cord

Now lay out the streamer and place the shock cord over it like shown. Then take a piece of masking tape and tape the right over them so the shock cord is taped to the streamer.

fold in thirds

Fold that shock cord in thirds just like this.

roll and insert into tube

Roll up the streamer and insert it into the tube like this.

PUt the nose cone on

Install the nose cone! Yay, you are done!

From here the only thing remaining is to put the engine into it. I have instructions on how to do that with this rocket right here: Installing the engine into the Yankee rocket


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