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Make the Patriot Rocket Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we finish the rocket and get it ready for firing!


the shock cord template

Cut out the shock cord template. It is in the instruction booklet. You glue the shock cord to that, wrapping the paper each time and squeezing it tight.

Squeeze it

That shock cord is glued nicely. Squeeze it tight.

Glue into tube

Glue that into the tube. It goes one and one half inches deep.

Affix to nose cone

Next we attach both the parachute and the shock cord to the nose cone. Clean up the hole on the nose cone if needed. The shock cord gets tied in a double knot. The parachute is a bit trickier where you put the loops through the nose cone and then put the parachute through the loops. The instructions show you how.

Insert parachute

Fold and insert the parachute into the tube then put the nose cone on.

Paint! Paint the whole rocket white. The instructions say use a white primer. But I used an ordinary white spray paint and it came out great. And here you can see that you then paint the fins red and up near the nose cone is a red stripe and a thicker yellow stripe.

The paint scheme of the rocket


Apply decals

Apply the decals and you are done!

The completed Patriot Rocket


If you want to know how to install the rocket engine I have a tutorial on that right here.


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