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My new blog is a place where you can check out all the new things I am working on. Subscribe to the RSS and keep updated on my new projects
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My New Telescope website "The Telescope Nerd"

I have been passionate about telescopes for a very long time. If you like astronomy or want to learn more about astronomy and telescopes then check out my new website: The Telescope Nerd.

My Fantasy website

This website is all about fantasy and epic fantasy books. Lots of great stuff to help you enjoy fantasy books and lots of guides on series, authors, writing, books for children and more. The fantasy Guide


Things to think about and explore. "Creativity for your mind"

Telescopes and Astronomy

Ever thought about getting a telescope? This is a wonderful and rewarding hobby. Go to the Storm the Castle guide to Telescopes and astronomy.


Terrarium Projects

How to Make a Terrarium. This section has tutorials and instruction on making several different types of terrariums- complete with lots of pictures. Terrarium building home page

How to Make a Diorama

Dioramas are a great way to express creativity. You work through manys stages of the creative process. You conceptualize then design a scene then you work with the materials to make it a reality.-great tutorial that shows you how to make a diorama from start to finish. It walks you through all the steps and techniques.

How to Play Classical GuitarClassical Guitar
Learn How to Play
If you never played and want to learn I have a whole section that will get you going including which books to get, selecting a guitar, how to tune your guitar, how to string it and some introductory lessons.
Learn How to Play Classical guitar

Fantasy Art School
Learn how to draw fantasy creatures, knights, armor and all sorts of fantasy and medieval things. I have just begun this series of art lessons and will be adding lessons daily but you can check out what I have - Fantasy Art Lessons

How to make video games
Are you looking for a way to express your creativity? Making video games is a great way to do it! Wouldn't it be great to make your very own video game? It could be anything you want. The only limit is your imagination and you don't need to know how to program. There is plenty of software available that will do that work for you. You can make your own video games! In the video game design section you can find lots of materials on designing, creating, and playing your own video games.

You can also look through lots of books and find the one right for you.How to make video games

The Table-Top Troll Catapult Build this miniature catapult from materials found around the house. It's an easy project and the catapult really fires projectiles! Catapult Project

Build This Trebuchet called "The Little Dragon". Complete instructions with pictures. Made from materials found around the house and hurls a small object 30 feet. Build The Little Dragon Trebuchet


Make a Model Rocket
I make the Estes Alpha rocket. Cost less than ten dollars and is a fun way to start into the hobby of model rocketry. See the complete tutorial here: Make the Estes Alpha Model rocket


Make a Spartan Spear like the movie 300
This is a fast and easy project that just takes a little bit of cardboard and a broomstick. Make the Spartan Spear

Ocean Diorama

This is a unique little ocean diorama shaped like the porthole of a submarine and made out of a cookie tin. I have full instructions and artwork for you to print and make. Easy and fun project. A new take on the ocean diorama. Imagine looking out the porthole of your submarine and discovering Atlantis! Now you can. Ocean Diorama


The DragonSlayer Shoulder Fired Rocket Launcher! I don't have a tutorial on how to make this but I do have a couple of videos where I show you this project and how I launch it off! The DragonSlayer

How to Make a Box Kite

A Boxkite is a unique kind of kite that is easy and fun to make and really flies - Even though it doesnt look like it can fly - BoxKite Tutorial

A Terrarium for Kids
Some guidelines and tips for great terrariums that kids can make. Includes a learning sheet that explains how a miniature ecosystem works.
A Terrarium for Kids


How to Make a Dragon Pinata

All it takes is a balloon, some paper mache and a little creativity and you have a great themed pinata. Add a sword and your party is transformed! How to Make a Dragon Pinata

How to Make a ...

Scrounging around on the internet looking for some new and fun projects I realized that there are a lot of potential projects out there! Lots of people are looking for how to make something. So I have started a section of my site called the How to Make a... section. I take the most popular requests for how to make and I do them. There are easy projects and more challenging projects. If you are looking for a new project to do you might want to check it out here: How to Make a...

Four Cardboard Swords for Halloween
Wnat to make a safe cardboard sword or scythe for Halloween? I have a tutorial that shows you how. I make the Buster Cloud sword, a reaper scythe, a pirate cutlass and a traditional knight't sword. Easy to make and look great. Make a cardboard Sword


Make a Cardboard Shield Make a Cardboard Shield for Halloween or just for fun
I have some nice tips and a tutorial on how to make a good looking cardboard shield. Make a cardboard Shield





Make a cardboard Katana

How to Make a Cardboard Katana:
This tutorial shows you how to make a great looking katana out of cardboard. And it is super strong because we adapt the secret techniques of the Japanese sword masters to the art of cardboard. How to Make a Cardboard Katana


Make a Go Kart How to Make a Go Kart:
This is a tutorial on how to make a solid and fast go cart. Easy and cheap to make in a few hours. Also includes brakes. I call this Go Kart The Wyvern because it is thin, sleek, and fast. How to Make a Go Kart


Make a Spartan Chestplate

This is a complete tutorial that shows you how to make a cardboard and paper mache spartan chestpiece. it comes out great looking and is not too hard to do. Make a spartan chestpiece




Make a Ship in a bottle This is an overview tutorial showing you some of the important tips and tricks for making a ship in a bottle. Fun project- Make a ship in a bottle




Spartan Sword

Make a Spartan 300 Warrior Sword out of cardboard This is a tutorial with video that shows you how to make a nice looking Spartan sword out of cardboard. It is very strong and easy to make. Should take you less than 2 hours depending on the glue drying time. How to Make a Spartan Sword



World War 2 Diorama

How to make a WW2 Diorama

This is an in depth tutorial with videos on how to make a WW2 diorama. I use 1/72 Scale How to Make a WW2 Diorama



A Spartan Helmet Make a Spartan Helmet
Make this helmet out of paper mache and cardboard. Complete instructions and video, along with a download of the template The Spartan Helmet






Make a Mangonel How to Make a Torsion powered catapult called a Mangonel:
This type of catapult uses twisted string or rope as a source of power and it is more accurate to the real catapults of Medieval times. Its an easy project and this little Mangonel reallly fires! How to make a Mangonel



How to make a terrarium waterfall from scratch I show you how to make a small waterfall that you can put in your terrarium. This is a complete tutorial that even includes a how to video How to make a terrarium waterfall

Make a 1,000 Origami cranes I show you how to make an origami crane and I tell you about the ancient legend of making 1,000 of them. I also have a page where you can check on my progress toward making 1,000. Make an Origami Crane


Spartan ShieldMake a Spartan Shield

This is a great looking shield that is creative and easy to make. It looks just like the shields in the movie 300. Complete tutorial with video. How to make a Spartan Shield I also have lots of other Spartan Projects including helmet, spear greaves and arm guards.




Make a telescope

How to make a small and easy telescope
This is a complete tutorial on how to make a small telescope using lenses. I show you everything you need to know. Make a small refractor telescope


Bonsai from SeedRaising Bonsai from Seeds For me it's the purest form of growing and caring for bonsai trees. To grow them from the absolute beginning - seeds. Tips, information, videos and more on how to do this. Raise Bonsai from seeds






Origami Gift BoxesMake an Origami Gift Box

Nice beginner project on how to make a Japanese Origami Gift box. All you need is eight squares of paper. I have a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to make these great looking gift boxes. How to make an Origami Gift Box





Waterfall in a dioramaMake a waterfall for a diorama

Not a real waterfall but sure looks real. Easy to make and comes out terrific. I also have a tutorial on how to do water effects like ripples and waves and a tutorial on how to make this complete diorama called "The Secret Grotto" Make a waterfall for a diorama



Dagger of Time

Make a Dagger of Time

This is from the Prince of Persia movie and video game. I show you how to make it out of balsa wood and even show you how to make the clear plastic handle if you want to make that too. Nice project, looks great. Make a Dagger of Time


Simple Origami Bird

Simple Origami Bird

This is a simple bird fold. It is a crow and a nice place to start if you have never done origami before. All you need is a square of paper. And it stands up which makes it rather unique. Simple Origami Bird



A Khopesh SwordAncient Egyptian Sword: A Khopesh This is an easy project where you can make a cardboard sword called a Khopesh. It is half axe and half sword and a 3,000 year old design. Make a Khopesh Sword


Make a Moss Terrarium Nice, easy project tutorial on how to make a moss terrarium. You can even find the moss outside. Make a Moss Terrarium


The Multi-Pult: A Rapid fire automatic Five Shot catapult

This is a fun and easy project to make. You trigger one catapult arm and it automatically fires all five in rapid succession like a machine gun. Complete tutorial and a video if you want to see it in action. The MultiPult Catapult



Stop motion animation miniature setCreating a set for a stop motion animation

I create a miniature room for a stop motion animation project (DragonSlayer 7) I show you tips and techniques for how to build a set like this and how to do stop motion Animation. Creating a stop motion animation set



A Venus Fly Trap Terrarium
They are an amazing and exotic plant. And they are great in terrariums. You just have to know some basic rules of care when it comes to these carnivorous plants. I make a terrarium and give you guidelines for a successful Venus Fly Trap Terrarium This also includes a video tutorial.



The DragonSlayer 7 Animation

DragonSlayer 7I created a minute and a half stop motion animation. You can watch it right here and I also give you tips on how to make your own stop motion animation just like mine. DragonSlayer 7 Adventure Begins.





How to Forge a Knife

Ever want to make a real knife? I have a complete tutorial here that shows you how from raw piece of steel to completed knife. Everything is covered. How to forge a knife

Make the Zelda Sword -Ocarina of Time

Fun project that you can make with just a single sheet of foam board. Or you can use cardboard. I have a complete template that you can download, print up and put together. Make the Zelda Sword


Hammer of Thor

Make the Hammer of THOR

This is an easy project to make with just foam and a broomstick. Comes out great. Make the Hammer of THOR



The Behemoth: Ten foot Trebuchet

This is monster of a Siege engine. I have instructions on how to build one, more pictures and a video showing it launching a six pound rock. Nice project. (the tutorial is not yet done) Check out the Behemoth Trebuchet here




How to Make a Periscope I made a periscope for my DragonSlayer tank. I show you how to easily make a persicope for looking over walls and around corners. How to Make a Periscope




Make a Unique Solar System Diorama.
The Diorama is in the shape of a telescope (Just a shipping tube) and you look inside the telescope to see the planets by either looking in the eyepiece or by taking the cover off. Neat little diorama that is really unique yet easy to make. Make a Solar System Diorama


How to Make a Marionette Theatre

Just a few pieces of 1/4 inch plywood and you have a nice little marionette theatre that easily folds and fits in the car. How to make a marionette theatre