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Plastic Origami

Plastic Origami is pretty simple. It is the art of folding plastic sheets rather than paper sheets. So, it is origami with plastic rather than paper.

I also have a video showing more about plastic origami at the bottom of the page.


Here are two birds that I made with plastic origami. One of the most distinct things about this is the translucence of the plastic. It gives it a sort of x-ray look. You can see the various layers of the fold. Kind of nice. This gives us a lot of potential when making things.

Two plastic origami birds


Note from Will:If you have never done any origami I recommend you start with paper. Plastic Origami is a little bit more challenging to work with. It's characteristics are different than that of paper. So, start with paper first. Learn a little bit of origami that way then you can move on to working with plastic.


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Origami birds

I have a video showing you how to fold the bird right here

This is a simple bird fold. It is a crow and a nice place to start if you have never done origami before. All you need is a square of paper. And it stands up which makes it rather unique. Simple Origami Bird


Thoughts and tips on using plastic for origami


The folds are challenging

The plastic has some spring back to it as you can see with the blue colored bird here. It definitely needs more pressure and work to get things to fold flat and smooth. So you have to work on it more.


use a bone folder

I recommend you use some kind of tool like a bone folder to get your folds crisper and get the folds to sit flatter.


Use a heat gun

It is plastic so it is sensitive to heat. You can use some kind of a heat source to tinker with it. A hair dryer, heat gun, or even a match or lighter can soften the plastic and give you some interesting effects and folds.

Watch the Video Here


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