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A look at the process of making a foam board castle.


Here is a look at another foam castle that Michael has made. He shows us the major steps in how he makes something like this. You can see some of his other terrific castles and medieval buildings right here. How to make a foam and plaster castle and here: Michaels Miniature Medieval Buildings


The Start - He starts by cutting and gluing some of the shapes together, drawing lines and shapes like the crenellations and windows.

Starting the castle

Once the basic castle shape is completed he cuts out the various details and starts adding the plaster for the surface of the castle.

Painting the castle

The castle is completely coated and almost complete. Just some details remain.

The completed styrofoam castle


Time to put the castle onto a base, that will need detailing and work too.

The Castle on it's base.

And here is the completed castle in its place in the garden.

The castle courtyard

Here is a look inside the castle courtyard.

OVerhead view of the courtyard


The castle




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