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How to Make a Dragon Egg - continued


This is part 2 of my tutorial on how to make a dragon egg. In this part we finish it off and paint it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here. There is a video there too.


Pop the balloon

Once the paper mache is fully dry you can go ahead and pop that balloon with a sharp object like a pin.


Paint it

And you can go ahead and paint the egg. Notice something here though. The egg is wrinkled. I love that. It gives it a leathery lizard-like look. This is a function of the paper mache. You can leave your egg wrinkly or you can go ahead and sand it before painting it. Your option.

And I am using green but there is no reason why you can't paint your egg any color at all or any group of colors. Hey, you could stripe your egg. It is your dragon.


Paint it accented gold

Then I touched it up with gold spray paint. And once all that paint was dry I sealed it all with a spray on sealant.

To seal it I used Krylon crystal clear sealer. You can buy it at any place that sells spray paint: Krylon 6-Ounce Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray


Okay! Your egg is done. But if you watched my video you saw that I actually cracked my egg open and there was yolk and white inside. Then I fried it up in a very big pan! That is some bonus material I have for you. See how to make the insides of the egg and the mega frying pan!

Next Continue to the bonus materials ( Making the egg insides and the massive frying pan)

Fryng a dragon egg




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