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How to make a dragon egg part 4: The frying pan


In this part of the tutorial we finish everything off by making the big frying pan. Can't fry a dragon egg without a very big pan!


Part 1 of this tutorial is here. There is also a video you can watch

Make the frying pan

The frying pan is made out of a foam called Foamular. You can use just about any kind of foam. I cut a circle and laid it down. Then I cut two rings and glued them to the circle. It ends up like this after a bit of rasping it into shape.

Each sheet of this foam is two inches thick.


The handle

The handle is two layers thick of the foam.


The handle

The handle was also easily shaped with a rasp. Now it is just a matter of hot gluing the two pieces together.


Paint the pan

Then painting it. But be careful with the paint. A lot of types of paint will melt the foam so do a test first. I used latex spray paint by Krylon. It is called H2O paint.

And that's it! The project is complete!


You are ready to make a hardy breakfast for yourself and your dragon hunting friends.

Frying a dragon



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