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Shelby's Eragon Diorama in a Dragon Egg!


I have a few different projects utilizing dragon eggs. Including a paper mache dragon egg and a diorama in a dragon egg. They are fun projects! And these projects have inspired Shelby to make one!

Shelby made this for a school project.

It is a scene from the Eragon series, with the dragon Saphira flying to the Varden over the Beor Mountains and the lake.

(At the bottom of the page is a picture of this project lit up. You have got to check that picture out!


Dragon Egg

The paper mache egg

So first off, to make the egg shell.I went the paper mache route with a balloon, and to make it really sturdy I did three layers. Then I cut the jagged pattern to make it look like a broken shell


The paper mache

and painted the background black.

I measured the width of the egg and cut out a cardboard circle for the base. I had to glue little cardboard squares beneath where the base would be to support it and I also stuffed some crumpled newspaper in there. (The final product was SUPER heavy!)


The egg

To finish the shell I glued macaroni shells to it and painted them a deep blue color. I thought the blue was a going to be a bit lighter but the shells really made it dark. To give it some extra flare, I dry brushed some lighter blue glitter paint on, which ended up drying mostly clear--but still with some subtle shimmer and contrast. You know that little hole at the top where the end of the balloon sticks out? I left it open and didn't cover it with macaroni because we stuffed some Christmas lights in there at the end. (Since I painted the background black, the diorama is really hard to see without some light and it looks totally awesome illuminated from the inside.)


The base

With the shell done I moved on to the base, cut out regular printer paper to the same size as the cardboard circle and attached it, made some sketches, painted the lake and the surrounding area. I shaped the mountains out of clay--(surprisingly, they actually look like mountains and not the shapeless blobs of goo that I expected!)


The base

While I waited for the clay to dry, I moved on to making the water look real. Now this was a really big challenge, because I wanted my water to look totally awesome like the rest of my project but I also didn't want to spend a bunch of money on the realistic water for dioramas sold in craft stores. So I looked on the web some more and came across a really cheap way to do it. I bought a small squeeze tube of some clear silicone bathroom sealant, squirted some on to my lake and spread it around with a popsicle stick until I had the desired thickness. Then I took a plastic spoon and, while the silicone was still wet, lightly whacked around the lake until I was satisfied with the look of my "waves." It looks great! Next, I painted my mountains and placed them in their positions on the base before I glued an alfalfa seed mix (my mom said they were for sprouting to put in sandwiches--eww!) that had been in our cupboard--for years I might add--over the beach area of the lake. They looked like actual pebbles, with different sizes and everything! 


The Dragon egg

Then I glued the cardboard base into the egg (that was fun) and maneuvered the mountains inside, hot gluing them to the base. I bought some premade plant/moss stuff and used that to texture the mountains. The dragon was made using the origami link you had on your video and I painted it a sparkly blue, with a painted cotton ball (hand painting cotton balls is nearly impossible) as the flame. To mount the dragon I cut a little square of foam, painted it black to match the background and glued it to the side, painted and glued a toothpick to the dragon and stuck it in the foam. The egg was so heavy it need a base so I made one out of cardboard and stuck it in a shoebox.

Put some hay around in there to cover up the stand and voila!! There you have it, a perfect egg diorama in a nest! I'm so happy with the outcome and my teacher really liked it too!


The dragon egg


zar roc

Make the sword Zar'roc from Eragon

Fun little project. You only need one sheet of foamboard. And we make the jewel in the hilt by casting resin into an egg. Yup, no rubber mold is needed. Make the sword Zar'roc from Eragon



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